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Iceberg Annihilators

The big melt
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A squat of paint brush artists with scaled-up gear heads to the arctic for their top secret mission.

In the so-called Iceberg Alley, they approach tabular icebergs, and paint faces of world leaders on them.

A simple GPS tracking device is attached to the berg, so it can be traced.

Once the job is done, they head home and inform the media.

Satellite images will show icebergs with giant faces of Mr Bush, Mr Sarkozy, Mr Putin, Mr Hu Jintao and other climate-weaklings.

After a while, the icebergs move into the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, where they disintegrate.

Broken faces, broken policies.

This is the tale of the Decline and Melt of Politicians in Iceberg Alley.

PS: the paint is, of course, biodegradable.

django, Sep 03 2008


       Maybe they should be carved, like Mount Rushmore?   

       "As the iceberg calved from the Humboldt Glacier, we painstakingly carved the President's face onto its surface".
Wrongfellow, Sep 03 2008

       Wow, iceberg graffiti Yay! (Did I spell graffiti correctly?)
blissmiss, Sep 04 2008


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