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Idea 4 NDA site

You get to see and actually manage idea if you sign NDA
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Place to post and seriously discuss ideas.

When you put your idea (including images, presentations, patent drafts). The idea can be viewed only after they sign an NDA. and to approved members (there could be different levels, but in any case membership is free).

This site is about trust, and the inventor may ask for a certain percentage if someone wishes to use the idea, or the oposite: If someone wants to invest in the idea they would say what they expect to receive.

This way, you can post your idea, (a bit risky, but at no patenting cost) and can have people improve and discuss the idea, and possibly even invest or develop or implement it.

There would be a WIBNI section, and the inventor could say what they expect if one of the viewers or reviewers used the idea in a work of art or politics.

(By the way: take a look at WIBMI.COM for a surprising explanation of this acronym.)

pashute, Oct 02 2002


       www.wibni.com is funny. They haven't done much investigating have they?
sild, Oct 02 2002

       Over the past few years, I think I've seen five or six dot-com wannabes with this very idea, or something close to it. After reading all that bumf, I'm afraid I could care less if any of them made it as far as a web site.
DrCurry, Oct 02 2002

bristolz, Oct 02 2002

       [bristolz: Superfluous paperwork. Also spelt "bumph".]
DrCurry, Oct 02 2002

       A site based on trust, when the outcome concerns $$? Yeah right.
dag, Oct 02 2002

       - Two no's make a yes but two yesses don't make a no. - yeah yeah.
pashute, Oct 18 2002

       dr. hi,   

       i saw (and helped create) sites such as ideas.com etc.   

       They all had in mind that you sell and buy the idea. The point is, that what most people don't realize is that the idea itself is usually the easiest part (although important). Then the actual realization of the idea, including all legal and financial aspects is a job that gets done one in million.   

       So the thing here is simple. Don't sell your ideas. Tell your ideas, and have it so it's on condition of expected payment/dividends. You (the owner of the idea) always have the priority to hide/reveal whatever part you want of the invention/product and thoughts about it. It's a question of how much protection your giving yourself vs. the risk of actually realising your ideas.
pashute, Oct 18 2002


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