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Idea Summary ToolTips

You Know, the alt="" Thing
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In the recent 3 page, show a ToolTip of the Summary (e.g., "You Know, the alt="" Thing" in the case of this idea) over whatever idea the viewer hovers over. It'll give them that much more info about the idea before they click on it.
galukalock, Jun 26 2003


       Makes much sense. (+).   

       Mouseover support for text links is not done the same way as with images. Tooltip pop-ups are only supported in IE 4.0+. You would need a CSS-enabled browser and CSS code to make it cross-browser compatible.
Cedar Park, Jun 26 2003

       I like this, jutta might not though...
RobertKidney, Jun 27 2003

       Someone actually suggested this before, a long, long time ago, along with a suitable mechanism (it's not the "alt" keyword, which only works for images - you need to use the "title" keyword in an <a> tag - this still works in MSIE, though I can't test the other browsers here).
DrCurry, Jun 27 2003


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