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If Goldfish Ruled The World

There's something fishy going on in the world....
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This idea was inspired by Lostdogs Goldfish Roaming Bowl.

In the beginning, there was a plastic sphere with a goldfish in it. Around that sphere came another sphere, which could be spun round, whilst the inner sphere stayed level. The outer had the world drawn on it, and lo, the Goldfish Globe was created, and was ornamentally placed on a stand for all to admire.

Illustration linked.

daaisy, Mar 26 2006

Goldfish Roaming Bowl Roaming_20Goldfish_20Bowl
lostdogs original idea [daaisy, Mar 26 2006]

Illustration http://daaaaaaisy.blogspot.com/
The Goldfish Globe [daaisy, Mar 26 2006]

Its Patented http://www.freepate...ne.com/4272372.html
A US patent for a Gold Fish Globe [jhomrighaus, Mar 27 2006]

Bob the Killer Goldfish http://en.wikipedia...the_Killer_Goldfish
A goldfish intent on universal domination. [ato_de, Mar 27 2006]

Goldfish basics http://www.practica....php?article_id=418
Please read before inventing any more stoopid fishtanks [squeak, Mar 29 2006]


       Cool. I want one. ++++   

       The words Aquatlas and Gaiaquarium spring to mind.   

       I think the people here will vote for anything with the word "fish" in it -- ironically. Nice one, [daaisy].
phundug, Mar 27 2006


       Take me to Rio!
wagster, Mar 27 2006

the fiddler, Mar 27 2006

       "why?"...hmmm, i suppose i didn't really consider that....
daaisy, Mar 27 2006

       But not widely-known-to-exist... mmh?
wagster, Mar 28 2006

       A spherical fish tank has been patented and the word Globe was used but I read nothing to make me think that Globe refered to anything other than the spherical shape.   

       If the hinges are very low friction, the fish could spin the thing themselves.
Worldgineer, Mar 28 2006

       Certainly gets my vote.
lostdog, Mar 28 2006

       Baked (see [Jhomrighaus])
Twist, Mar 29 2006

       It's not baked. The novelty in the idea is the dual sphere aspect.
Jinbish, Mar 29 2006

       Bun anyway - I always wanted clear tubing round the walls of the office our fish could swim through, providing them with adventure and us with something interesting to watch!
Texbinder, Mar 29 2006

       [Texbinder] Read a book on fishkeeping.
squeak, Mar 29 2006

daaisy, Mar 30 2006

       Just use a plastic goldfish then.
sophocles, Mar 31 2006

       Echo - If Goldfish Ruled the Universe:   

       Fill a clear Goldfish Globe with several flat-fish: the Earth's tectonic plates; and have a perma-inflated puffer fish float beneath the flat-fish sphere's surface: he represents the Earth's core.   

       Then get some fireflies to hover around the room to represent stars, and maybe get a big ball of burning gas to represent the sun.
spiritualized, Mar 31 2006

       If Goldfish Rul;er the world...   

       ...cats would be kept in little glass bowls.
moomintroll, Mar 31 2006

       ...filled with water.
spiritualized, Mar 31 2006


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