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Image enhancement by OCR and image recognition

Read letters and enhance pictures with them
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ENHANCE, the man in the cop show says. And the computer geek "enhances" a picture to several hundred times its original quality. Pretty silly stuff. But there is a trick or two that haven't been tried.

It should be possible to compensate for optical distortion of pictures or reflections in pictures with this algorithm.

Use available lines to try to determine most likely depths of field. (for example if a refrigerator is clearly seen one can assume its lines form 90% angles and follow those lines into a virtual background) This can include looking up the sizes of commercially available items that may be in the picture.

Having guessed at a field depth, guess at a distortion factor based on available data (For example: What is the diameter of this coffee mug)

Using this data guess the most likely shape of unclear objects using OCR for letters and numbers and object recognition for other things. If the distorted form of a letter or object can be recognized the mathematical transform that will bring it into proper shape will also bring nearby objects into proper shape.

Voice, Feb 07 2015


       Yes, but how often is distortion a problem?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2015

       So the more you would do this the bigger the database gets you use for this +
zeno, Feb 07 2015

       The database could also use the photo's gps and time stamp, to look up what things were at that location at that time. Eventually the database would be able to crete a view of any place at any time on demand.
pocmloc, Feb 08 2015


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