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List of items implemented that came from halfbakery
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There are many new ideas on this site. Some have been implemented already and others are first created here. Let's give credit where credit is due.

If you produce a product/web site/busines/... based upon something you read here there should be a place to list the HB idea link and a link to what you made.

maholt, May 20 2008


       That place is (amidst other links) on the idea that inspired you.   

       This is something that I'm asked all the time ("so, have any of these ideas made it onto the market?"), and I have no good answer for it. (Bad answer: "Well, Bob, I won't bullshit my way out of this one merely to infuse the listeners of your bland morning radio show with unfounded trust in the fairness of free market capitalism.")   

       In particular, the implementations that came from halfbakery items aren't really successful, and no successful big consumer idea has admitted to being based on the halfbakery. Very rarely something that was a good idea happens for real, and that's nice, but there's not necessarily a causal connection.
jutta, May 20 2008


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