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Improved Appliance Boxes for the Homeless

Uber Low Cost Housing Goes Up-Scale
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A lot of homeless people use discarded appliance boxes for shelter, often dragging in other types of refuse for padding and other basic comforts. This idea incorporates fundamental changes into the manufacture of refrigerator and other large-scale appliance boxes. This includes rudimentary plumbing lines, curtain rods, and appliance padding that can easily be converted to a mattress after the appliance is eventually removed. The outer layer of cardboard is covered with a weatherproof wax. In addition, the boxes are stamped with indents that allow other boxes to be combined and dovetailed into larger living quarters. The original purpose of the appliance box is maintained (to safely transport an appliance) after which it is immediately carted away and converted to housing by the more discriminating up-scale homeless. Now, where to put the wine rack...
Grogster, Sep 18 2010

Mandatory packaging re-use design Mandatory_20packaging_20re-use_20design
Prior Art. We want a cut of the royalties ... [8th of 7, Sep 19 2010]

Homeless Children in Iran http://www.topix.co...n/TNNUQRDPJ0P7F7D4P
Well, "the state" of Iran is certainly doing a bang up job, aren't they? [Grogster, Sep 19 2010]

OK, So How Is "The State" Doing in South Africa? http://www.mirror.c...up-115875-22144698/
Not so good. [Grogster, Sep 19 2010]

Gee, Maybe They're Doing Better in Argentina? http://www.wsws.org...g2002/arg-a22.shtml
Or not. [Grogster, Sep 19 2010]

Myths About The Homeless http://www.washingt...R2010070902357.html
Complied in the USA by WAPO [Grogster, Sep 19 2010]


       I would give this to my little brother too, if he was homeless.
DrWorm, Sep 19 2010

       If your brother was resourceful he might build an addition onto the box and rent out the room...
Grogster, Sep 19 2010

       Interestingly (to me at least), this idea has been baked conceptually. I have long lost the link, but it is there somewhere. A designer became homeless and spent quite some time working on this concept, and eventually published, don't know what to call it, a set of specifications, patent or something on it. I'm honestly not making this up, but i can't for the life of me remember any more about it, but i've seen them - they do exist.
nineteenthly, Sep 19 2010

8th of 7, Sep 19 2010

       Homelessness is a failure of the state. Look first to how fairly your society treats the unfortunate and mentally ill before you assume their condition is voluntary and/or necessary.
infidel, Sep 19 2010

       Dang it, [8th], looks to me like I snitched your idea and added plumbing and curtain rods. I bow to the master(s)...   

       [infidel], "...a failure of the state..."? I kindly invite the state to butt out and allow "we the people" to handle our own affairs. I'd wager we could do a better job.
Grogster, Sep 19 2010

       So, the homeless are on your streets because you aren't allowed to help them?
infidel, Sep 19 2010

       Can I suggest a more reasonable alternative? Many of the functions of modern appliances (dishwashing, tumble-drying etc) could actually be performed by homeless people.   

       With suitable training, the homeless person could qualify to receive a suitable brand (Miele, Candy, Electrolux etc), and could then be supplied already in the box. This would solve several problems at once.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 19 2010

       No, [infidel], the homeless are on our streets for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that they choose to be. I (and apparently, [8th]) have chosen to do something in this halfbaked idea. If your idea is to abstain from any assistance for the homeless and, rather, allow the state to do it for you, then don't bitch about the crappy job the state is doing.
Grogster, Sep 19 2010

       And I laid the resposibility at the feet of society and its treatment of the homeless, as I recall, asking people to look at how fairly they treat the unfortunate and mentally ill.   

       If society won't pick up the cudgels then it falls to the state to protect the weak.   

       I'm not bitching at anyone, not even you, my friend.
infidel, Sep 19 2010

       Since generally speaking "The State" invariably does everything badly and inefficently - apart from, that is, spending their citizen's money - allowing sticky-fingered politicos and civil servants to get involved in anything is a recipe for disaster. Third sector organisations do this sort of thing much better.   

       The "state" is a referee, not a player.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2010

       There used to be a homeless guy in our home town that went around on a bicycle and washed windows for money. He was actually pretty thorough, so I had him doing my car while it was in the parking lot for quite a while. Someone stole his bike, so he kept it up on foot. Then the city told him he needed a business license. I never saw him after that. Three cheers for "the state." They can piss up a rope for all I care about them.
Grogster, Sep 19 2010

       Don't let them piss on the rope. It makes it harder to tie round the lamp posts when the Revolution comes and all the mindless state functionaries are strung up to dry in the breeze.   

       Important - no hangman's nooses, they're too quick and painless. A simple slipknot, and then slowly remove the support so they strangle a bit at a time.   

       Of course, for elected rather than appointed officials, it's the meat-hooks and piano wire.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2010

       <links>, and, I'd say the sheer number of organizations dedicated to helping the homeless in both the US and UK far outnumber any other countries in the world. If you have a passion to assist, you are free to join any of them.   


       //Don't let them piss on the rope. It makes it harder to tie round the lamp posts...//   

       [8th], thanks for that, I will think up other ways to register my disdain for the whole crooked lot.
Grogster, Sep 19 2010

       "All city officials are to gather at Tyburn next Tuesday, for a big surprise."   

       Elected officials fail us because they seek to be elected for either gain or influence. Neither attracts the best men and women for the task.
infidel, Sep 19 2010

       There is a fairly popular baker here who at one point _was_ homeless. It was not because they chose to be.   

       The state is not just a referee, it also makes some of the rules.   

       The number 1 cause of bankruptcy in America? Medical bills. I suspect homelessness tracks that statistic pretty well as well.
RayfordSteele, Sep 20 2010

       You mean you can't obtain insurance for medical costs in the US? That's rather surprising, given the litigious nature of US society, as it presents to the world.
infidel, Sep 20 2010


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