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Improved Mobile Bike

Stationary bike that provides upperbody exercise, reflex training and entertainment.
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This Improved Mobile Bike is a stationary bicycle intended for exercise. Its handlebars facilitate 180 degree motion of the bicycle. By turning the handlebars left, the entire bicycle and yourself tilt towards the left from 90 degrees to a possible 0 degrees, lying flat on the ground. Turning them right from that position can theoretically return the rider to 90 degrees and even a full 180 degrees to be lying flat on the other side.

On either side of Improved Mobile Bike is a clothesline that is powered by cycling. Hooks, whether hook fastners, fish hooks or meat hooks, hang from the lines on cord of various lengths suspended below and between the clotheslines.. These pass through a container in front of the bicycle and fish out various comical and aversive objects including dirty socks, live scorpions, holy books, and possibly some enticing objects like energy bars, candies, and nude pictures, that compell the rider to react, providing upper body exercise.

rcarty, Nov 17 2013




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