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In-Browser SSH Client

Exactly what the title implies
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An SSH server on your computer can be very useful, but it's often inconvenient because many computers don't have, say, PuTTY, so it's not always guaranteed that you can access it. A solution to this problem is a web-browser in which you can enter an ssh:// address in the address barm and have your SSH session open within the browser window. Currently, when you do this in Firefox, it has to open another application to run SSH and there's no downloadable extension to do this in-browser. I think this system would be a good first step toward making remote access a more universal system.
lebobtheavenger, Jun 12 2005

In-browser SSH client http://www.ece.osu....puting/ssh_www.html
An SSH applet, works within browser but is faulty. [lebobtheavenger, Jun 12 2005]


       You've had your halfbakery account since February and you haven't posted anything until now? Wow. Bun, by the way.
froglet, Jun 12 2005

       I've been annotating...   

       And thanks.
lebobtheavenger, Jun 12 2005

       For everyone to whom I've said, "so long as you have IM, I don't need to come to your house to fix your computer", sorry.
reensure, Jun 12 2005

       If you mean to use ssh as a filesystem (sftp), konqueror does it - but this thing is a bit of a kitchen sink anyway, it opens/edits files, browses all kind of filesystems... component oriented baby!
Tobu, Jun 12 2005


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