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Include Contacts in Spell Checker

If you know Davide like I know Davide
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I find it quite annoying when I'm working somewhere new that when I email people with unusual names (ones that aren't in Word's dictionary, or in my custom dictionary) they come up as mis-spellings because they're not in the dictionary.

Future versions of software should (optionally) include your contacts as allowable nouns.
neilp, Aug 23 2004


       it should allow known companies too.
neilp, Aug 23 2004

       Plus "New Curse Words" via continually updated link to the halfbakery idea.
phundug, Aug 23 2004

       "Dear Miss Spelling..."
lostdog, Aug 23 2004

       The more I think about this, the more I wonder why in the hell Word and Outlook don't do this already. After all, they come in the same box! Ah, well, there I go expecting things to make sense.
krelnik, Aug 23 2004

       [contracts] - 'shithouse' is in popular usage in Australia, so probably feeds in from there.
neilp, Aug 24 2004

       it isn't global ? don't they both use MS Proof (i.e. custom.dic ? ) I was sure they did..
neilp, Aug 24 2004

       certainly shouldn't (he says, thinking to himself, that that's almost certainly a good enough reason alone for them to have coded it that way).

Perhaps I should send you a copy of my custom.dictionary synchroniser..
neilp, Aug 24 2004

       UnaBubba... I think he meant words that feature in dictionaries, but not your native language dictionary. In this day and age it's a complete nonsense to have to specify the language you're using.. just throw RAM and CPU at the problem and have full multilanguage checking.
neilp, Aug 24 2004

       I'm pretty sure I have this.
-----, Feb 28 2005

       you mean it doesn't have a problem with you typing [....] ? which program do you use ?
neilp, Mar 18 2005

       You can add anything you want to the dictionary but it would be very nice to have it look across contact fields if a user wanted it set that way.
bristolz, Mar 18 2005


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