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'I smell like an idiot' button

For pc
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When pressed allows you to scroll through the list of possible corrections for the word instead of right clicking or correcting.

I think that this might be baked for cellphones.

danman, Jul 06 2009


       Can it also be used in chatrooms, to hide other's typos so no arguments break out about them? (And I don't feel like a smarty pants as I correct them....)
BouncyPaw, Jul 06 2009

       I really like the title... would wear it as a badge!
xenzag, Jul 06 2009

       What's an idiot button?
simonj, Jul 07 2009

       And is there deodorant for it?
lurch, Jul 07 2009

       So why wouldn't I right click on that squiggly line underneath my incorrectly spelled word in "Word"? Or are you saying this functionality should be incorporated into the "Cloud" and be app independent?
4whom, Jul 07 2009

       4whom, I think that it would just be easier to have a key on the keyboard which would allow you to change the word quickly without having to use the mouse. A great advantage would be the app independence.
danman, Jul 07 2009

       Can you please move the closing quotation mark to before 'button'? Jeeez, I'm going to freak out.
daseva, Jul 07 2009

       Thanks [daseva!] It was getting to me too.
shudderprose, Jul 07 2009

       The following annotation has been edited for content. Any displaced rage towards the author has been omitted due to his/her generous compliance.   

       ******* ******* ** *** **** CHANGE IT!!!!!! ** **** ** ******** **** ******** ** ******* *** ***** *** **** ********** **** ****** **** **** ********* ****** *** ***** **** ** ********************
daseva, Jul 07 2009

       what [daseva] said... minus the intent, mfd, all of the punctuation and 92% of the actual words used.   

       vampires, beans, etc.   

       [edit] sucker ;)
FlyingToaster, Jul 07 2009


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