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Incognito Smut Book

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I have noticed that a particular category of people whom I will not specify prefer to pass their time on the NY subway reading smut books

as an avid over the shoulder reader i notice a measure of shame involved with such a book the woman reading them typically lean over it or hold it flat on their lap and at times utilize a paper bag book cover etc..

so the idea here is to print smut books with false covers and misleading book titles at the tops of each page So it looks like you are reading Moby Dick but instead its something quite different.

vfrackis, Aug 27 2009

possible facial styling http://www.itusozlu...e+right+to+children
a hur hur [calum, Aug 28 2009]


       Widely baked by millions of adolescents with copies of 'Razzle' concealed within copies of 'Fisherman's Weekly', or taken to another level with copies of Harley-Davidson brochures concealed within copies of 'Razzle'.
Twizz, Aug 27 2009

       can you go to a store and buy a copy of "Jennys Wet and Wild Weekend" in a cover that reads "Dragons" by Michael Connelly?   

       No so not baked
vfrackis, Aug 27 2009

       While the idea may not have been applied to the example you give, the principal is baked.   

       As far as I am aware, 'Jennys Wet and Wild Weekend' is only available in covers that read 'Mollusc Anatomy and Evolution' and 'The Boys Book of Jokes'.   

       The idea appears to be for the commercialisation of a well established amateur practise.
Twizz, Aug 28 2009

       To be thoroughly incognito, the mucky book in question must feature Tableaux Pornographique where the setting and background are shorn of background and propular trappings that would make the idenitification of location (even at a national or continental level) possible. Similar techniques could be used to eliminate the faces and other distinguishing features of the, uh, participants.
calum, Aug 28 2009

       For my purposes, alas, no, for a dusting of spores would be insufficient to mask, say, a striking greek profile, or, not forgetting that it is not just faces that can be recognisable, a cleft penis. I should imagine, though, that the crack team of face-blurrers previously employed by The Google could set about this task.
calum, Aug 28 2009

       well there are typically no images in the smut books that I have seen people reading on the subway. the print is surprisingly larger than most books, its strange , but once you read a few sentences is clear what it is.
vfrackis, Aug 28 2009

       Och. Hm. Perhaps, though, it is not impossible to anonymise even fictional text accounts of sexual acts, reducing, if needs be, the book to a series of nouns, the more dispassionately medical the better.
calum, Aug 28 2009

       Are you sure that wasn't Moby's Big Huge Dick, that person was reading, oh frackisy?
blissmiss, Aug 28 2009


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