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Increasingly happy/sad banknote portraits

The higher the denomination, the happier the depictions
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As far as I can tell, the Queen looks about the same on every banknote apart from ageing. Obviously you don't all have the Queen on your money. It seems to me that the bigger denomination note one receives, regardless of the actual size of one's currency unit, the better it is, although not so much for spending it.

Therefore, the Queen or whoever is depicted on the front of the banknote should look miserable in the lowest denomination, then advance through neutral, smiling, laughing, laughing hysterically, falling off her chair and finally rolling on the floor as the relative value of the note increases. In the meantime, the reverse of the note should depict figures going the other way, perhaps starting with a wedding and ending with a funeral or something, and the colours on each side of the note should reflect the moods accordingly.

nineteenthly, Oct 04 2017

Blank-bank-note_20sketchbook Just for Rayfordsteele.... [xenzag, Oct 04 2017]


       Invert. As a little reminder.
wjt, Oct 04 2017

       // Obviously you don't all have the Queen on your money //   

       Yes, but those are only foreigners... deserving of pity rather than condemnation...
8th of 7, Oct 04 2017

       Why not have an animation with the possibility of changing it round based on current events. Christmas: silly hat instead of a crown, unseasonal warm weather: strappy top instead of that fur lined thing, imminent asteroid strike: take cover, etc, etc.
DenholmRicshaw, Oct 04 2017

       This presents the possibility of a wad of cash acting as a flip-book.
mitxela, Oct 04 2017

       Now, if I could only get a flip-book to act as a wad of cash...
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2017

       What banknotes would ever feature Trumpf?
xenzag, Oct 04 2017

       Mitxela, you and the Ninester need to post the co-invention of sad face to happy face money pictures so you can arrange them and flip book an animation of the person going from frown to smile the larger the stack of bills.   

       That sentence was a disaster, sorry. But you get the idea.
doctorremulac3, Oct 04 2017


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