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Theme Money

Print money with a different theme every year
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One thing I always hated about money is that it basically immortilizes people who have really done no more than sink us further into trouble than we were when they started. Politicians. I would like to see money that immortalizes something special or memorable from the past. Anything from cars to Dolly. (the sheep, not Parton). I don't claim ownership of this idea, the French started it by placing famous scientists on their money. But changing it every year would make for a more interesting transfer of funds.
TBK, Nov 11 2002

Don't blink http://www.rollingstone.com/doh/
Bart Simpson as the baby on the Nirvana Nevermind album cover - note Krusty the Klown is on the Krusty Buck [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       £5 and £10 notes honour George Stephenson and Charles Darwin - an outstanding engineer and scientist. Who would you rather have? David Beckham?
hippo, Nov 11 2002

       Isn't this what stamps are for?
catfish25, Nov 11 2002

       I probably should have specified I am from Canada, all I ever see on money is dead prime ministers, queens, and when I cross the border, dead presidents. I guess people from more progressive countries find this idea baked. Apologies.
TBK, Nov 12 2002

       at least when i was there a few years ago, on of the bills in france had the little prince on it (or le petite prince). i thought that was great. i'd like to see, i dunno, droopy dog or something on the 5 dollar bill.
notme, Nov 12 2002

       I'd like to see someone's face obscured by beer mugs
thumbwax, Nov 12 2002

       How about 'bakery bucks? Redeemable for halfbakery merchandise... featuring famous ideas/bakers on one side and a croissant on the other.
madradish, Nov 12 2002


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