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Indentured Stocktitude

Taking out actual "stock" in someone elses education
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Shares of stock as a replacement for student loans due to the high cost of education.

This is how it would work:

A student offers an IPO for which investors buy shares of stock in that particular student's education initially equalling the total of tution. After graduation at an accredited instituion, and when the student is gainfully employed, the student is contractually obligated to pay a [small] predetermined percentage of his or her reported income quarterly back to the shareholders as dividends (which would likely be automatically garnished). Of course the student, or another may buy back the shares at the going market price. Shares may be traded and/or otherwise increase or decrease in value.

As an added bonus, because the student has "financial backers", these people would likely also likely serve as mentors because they have a vested interest in keeping their student employed in high paying jobs because they would maximize dividends.

In the end, the student not only gets a "loan" but also a support group network of investors. The investors get dividends.

ShawnBob, May 27 2011

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       would of looved it for when I went thru school, then again I did better than most in terms of loans
metarinka, May 29 2011


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