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One could jump on the bandwagon with everyone else... OR:
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(+15, -14)
  [vote for,

I am constantly amazed at the number of controversial ideas that get nearly all positive or all negative votes. Why is this? I'm pretty convinced that this is not because the ideas are wonderful, but because the first person opted aye, and the rest subconsiously saw the croissant.

This is a phenomenon that almost everyone has seen, in numerous venues, to the point where one becomes blind to it. Halfbakery, this is a call to mental action: Pay attention to your votes!

I don't mean to suggest that anyone on the site is a follower - this is, I believe, a fount of new ideas and dissenting opinions. HOWEVER, I caught myself recently voting FOR an idea because that was what the majority had already chosen, when I hadn't really decided for myself. I know I can't be the only one, either - it's such a subtle thing.

<semi-relevant Dispatch quote> Say what you want say what you mean question yourself, are you really what you dream? </semi-relevant Dispatch quote>

Deity, Oct 02 2001

Conformity http://www.despair.com/connot.html
...similar observation. [iuvare, Oct 02 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I never agree with an idea, or am even tempted to agree on an idea, based on its popularity among Celebrity Bakers or the number of fishbones/croissants. And it shows: my comments rarely fall in line with the popular opinion although I do my best to highlight another Baker's comment if I feel it was overlooked or needed an addendum.
iuvare, Oct 02 2001

       It seems as I happen upon this item it is +1, -1. It seems I am the tiebreaker.
LoriZ, Oct 02 2001

       But now it's -1 +2 - I am therefore compelled to fishbone.
hippo, Oct 02 2001

       The situation was even stranger during the last American presidental election where all the partisan ideas tended to be tied.   

       As for the current situation I guess too many of us have played the equivalent of too many games of Prisoner's Dilemma for us to dissent.
Aristotle, Oct 02 2001

       Would someone else please vote on this so that I can vote the other way.
angel, Oct 02 2001

       Looks like it's -2 +3. Time for me to jump in with a -ve.   

       Sorry, what's this idea about?
CoolerKing, Oct 02 2001

       I'm always very sparing with my bones & pastries and, seeing as how the scores are tied at +3/-3 at the moment, I'm going to be sparing again.
DrBob, Oct 02 2001

       It's -5/+2 and the idea isn't *that* bad. (+)
st3f, Oct 02 2001

       I suspect that this is a voting method used only by Diety. Perhaps D could have kept his/her sheep like tendencies quiet. Bad idea, have some bones.
sven3012, Oct 02 2001

       If we all see things differently, then isn't individuality just another form of conformity?   

       I don't care what the rest of you think, *I'm* going to follow the crowd.
beauxeault, Oct 02 2001

       well, you know what to do when it's not even worth a fishbone... starts with m-f- and I'll let someone else finish the rest.
lewisgirl, Oct 02 2001

       i ?
DrBob, Oct 02 2001

       Everyone seems to be saying that they vote against the majority. How can *everyone* here vote against the majority? Who would the majority then consist of? I'm so confused. Fishbone for the paradox.
PotatoStew, Oct 02 2001

       It's simple really PotatoStew. The 'majority' is obviously those who don't vote at all. Therefore, by registering a vote (whether fishbone or croissant), you are voting against the majority.
DrBob, Oct 02 2001

       <Obligatory Monty Python Quote~Paraphrase>
"You don't need to follow leaders."
"You're all individuals."
(small voice at back)"I'm not."
</Obligatory Monty Python Quote~Paraphrase>
Guy Fox, Oct 02 2001

       That sounds more like a Pink Floyd paraphrase.
Where did I see 'Remember, you're unique, just like everyone else'?
angel, Oct 03 2001

       All very jolly but some ideas draw positive annos early on and these influence subsequent voting. Which is part of the game, of course.
Dog Ed, Oct 03 2001

       //Add that to the PeterSealy instantaneous stamp of bakedness with links that apply, and sure, sometimes others opinions will effect us.//   

       Ha! Are you nuts?   

       First, after seeing PeterSealy's instantaneous-stamp-of-bakedness for over a year now, I've noticed that his calls for bakedness rarely ring true. Second, Peter rarely supports his claims with links. Third, sounds like you're easily influenced.   

       ::LATER:: Sour grapes? Sour grapes means, "Disparaging what one cannot obtain." I'm not sure what you're inferring. If you think I'm slammin' Peter 'cause I'm envious of something he has that I don't, or that I simply don't like him, you're mistaken. I respect PeterSealy but I won't let him slide if I think he's gettin' trigger happy with "Baked." and not supporting his claims. Peter and I have been on opposite sides more often than not, but our differences are displayed sarcastically...yet with charity.
iuvare, Oct 03 2001

       Aha. Level-pegging at nine all. I think it's time to withdraw my croissant of support.
st3f, Oct 03 2001

       I wonder what the halfbakery record is for the idea with the largest amount of votes which is still tied?
stupop, Oct 03 2001

       I noticed this too, but I only vote on my own opinion. Unless, of course, I've been injected with the evil Dr. L. Soyer's "opposite-serum," which causes me to vote negatively on good ideas and positively on bad ones. It also gives me powers of levitation and invisibility, just like a superhero. Oh, the adventures I've had while invisible...
AfroAssault, Oct 07 2001

       You're so right. I agree entirely.
DrBob, Oct 14 2003

       'Twas +13, -12, so I had to give it a bone.
dbmag9, Sep 04 2006

       //this is, I believe, a fount of new ideas and dissenting opinions.//   

       No it isn't. [+]
pertinax, May 14 2007

       Hello again, [pertinax]. Good to see you.   

       This idea is now at 14 even. I'm afraid to touch it for fear the Supreme Court will say I'm not allowed to count it again.
normzone, May 14 2007

       The message is sound, despite the lack of invention, and I'm constantly wary of the ever-lurking band-wagon so that's a [+] [-] [+] = [+]
theleopard, May 14 2007


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