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HB Futures

You *will* vote, just not now
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Perhaps you support/reject an idea so much, that you are certain the rest of the community will support it. Maybe you do not want your vote to manipulate the votes of others, maybe you just like to gamble.

You place a futures bun/bone and define an expiration date. On the expiration date, your vote is placed. You can set up a filter in your HB account to keep track of your future votes. When an expiration date is reached, you can compare your vote to the majority.

Before the expiration date, if you change your mind, you can place a regular vote on the opposite side to leave yourself "neutral" on the idea.

ed, Dec 21 2006

Halfbakery Stock Exchange Halfbakery_20Stock_20Exchange
[xaviergisz, Dec 21 2006]


       Indeed, that is a problem. Let's add some rules:   

       1) You may not place a futures vote unless your current vote is neutral.   

       2) A vote cannot be placed when a futures vote is outstanding, unless that vote is opposite the futures vote. This would counter your futures vote, returning you to neutral.   

       The system should be crafted in such a way that each user would still have one, and only one vote.
ed, Dec 21 2006

       Is there an echo in here?
jonthegeologist, Dec 21 2006

       A future should be a payment for something which will be delivered to you at a later date. The risk, on the halfbakery, is that it may not have been invented yet :)
phundug, Dec 21 2006

       How about HB incorporate and become a private forum, of which participants or stakeholders have to buy into to participate and share in profits.
twitch, Dec 22 2006


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