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Indoor flying

for small planes like cri cri
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This consists of a large treadmill and a huge fan (wind tunnel). Plane starts taking off the tread mill and gets airborne at right speed. A large fan provides the necessary air flow. Speed of fan and treadmill is computer controlled. Landing is also achieved in similar manner. This way one can "fly like a bird"in their garage.
VJW, Jul 15 2011

interesting plane http://www.flight.cz/cricri/english/
Do watch their video [VJW, Jul 15 2011]


       The Fiesler Storch STOL was demonstrated to the German government by being flown in an indoors arena.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2011

       Pretty sure the whole plane/treadmill debate means the treadmill isn't needed at all.
MechE, Jul 15 2011

       True. Innitially I was thinking of training /simulation, thats why treadmill was included.
VJW, Jul 15 2011


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