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Inflatable Balcony

blow up home improvement
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Any house can have that special Shakespeare feel with this great value self-inflating terrace. Sturdy, 30ft high and covered in real ivy it fits easily into the trunk, (or boot) of your car for when you move.
Mr Ham, Apr 24 2006


       How would the ivy survive in the boot?
Five_Swords, Apr 24 2006

       Ah yes I hadn't thought of that. Is ivy expensive? Do garden centres stock it? Otherwsie how about inflatable ivy? This'd tie in nicely I think
Mr Ham, Apr 24 2006


       Now tell me how a 30ft inflatable object can become sturdy.
Five_Swords, Apr 25 2006

       strong fabric and high pressure?   

       Romeo: Would a rose, by any other name not smell as sweet? (Romeo places rose on balcony)
Balcony: FSSSSSSSSSSpthththththththth
Freefall, Apr 25 2006

       Juliet: "Hark, what hissing do I hear with mine ears? Didst thou fart, Romeo? I smell butt roses."
normzone, Apr 25 2006

       Helium-filled, shirley?
DrCurry, Apr 25 2006

       <obligatory sharing of a ho-hum misread #634> I read this as inflamable balcony </obligatory sharing of a ho-hum misread #634>
Texticle, Apr 26 2006

       I know there are a lot of seals that could go bad, but consider, bakers, a teloscoping aluminum frame that is pressurised.   

       I kind of like this idea.   

       You set up the teloscopic aluminum frame (which is of course x-braced), pressurise it, and then use a winch to tension the floor support cables (& as long as you follow the pre-engineered specs)... aha!   

       (perhaps you have to graffiti the ivy, though).
Zimmy, Apr 26 2006

       Pop! April Fools!!!!
croissantz, Apr 28 2006

       I've seen proposals for inflatable homes. Don't see why this wouldn't work.   

       The ivy could be a problem, though. how are you going to keep it alive in the trunk? An inflatable Gro-bag?
moomintroll, Apr 28 2006

       typical hb, everyone more concerned about the ivy!
po, Apr 28 2006

       Perhaps the main compartment could be filled with heavy water? The ivy can be bought fresh each time and grown according to the usual horticultural advice -tamping in/ hoeing etc
Mr Ham, Apr 29 2006


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