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Pipe Down

Stents for plumbing
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"Hmm, you have a small leak", the plumber said. "It's no problem, really. I'll just dismantle about half your house to get to the location of the problem and replace a 2$ stretch of PVC".

Since they can do this to repair arteries in a living patient, it's about time we had a tool to solve this.

A segment of stent like (i.e. metallic gridwork structure), covered with a waterproof material like tent fabric, itself coated with special oils and glues that seal when exposed to water.

The entire device is equipped with a video camera, and can be collapsed and snaked down any piping, then expanded and sealed at the trouble spot.

theircompetitor, Jun 14 2005


       Why the heck not. About time, too. Will restrict flow some, though; how much depends on how thin you can make the seal once it's cured. Also, conditions inside the pipe won't always be ideal for gluing (like wet, for one, possible crud build up as well). Probably all surmountable obstacles anyway. When you get all the bugs worked out, call me, I'll buy one.
oxen crossing, Jun 14 2005

       Great! +
Adze, Jun 14 2005

       ...and plumbers already charge about the same hourly rate as a surgeon, so why not. [+]
not_only_but_also, Jun 17 2005

       Imagined lagging material made from duck feathers.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 17 2005

       I just found out the hard way that a similar fixes exist for drain pipes. They can line an existing waste pipe by blowing in a liner pipe, turning it inside out as it goes in. They need closer access than suggested here to the damaged area.   

       Another way is to fill the drain pipe with a slurry of sticky gunk, not unlike suggested here, let it set up, and then sending in a cutter to cut a new hole through the middle of it.   

       Both of those are about $100/foot, I'm told, including digging holes and whatnot for access.   

       (our pipe is clay, so they are sending in a torpedo shaped head to bust out the old clay and dragging a one piece poly pipe in behind it. closer to $50 a foot)
oxen crossing, Jun 17 2005

       The lucky pipes need not be conscious during the procedure.
Shz, Jun 17 2005


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