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Inflatable Pistachio Cup

An end to pista-chaos
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The problem with eating pistachios on the go is that you have to look for some form of cup or bag to put the shells in as you eat them. You can't put them back in the original bag because then you will have mixed spent shells with your unmolested pistachios. If you do this it takes longer and longer to find food amongst your shells. Hence, I propose that bags of pistachios come with cracker-jack sized disposable plastic bags inside the original bag to hold your spent shells. Or perhaps to add rigidity and support, this extra bag can be unfolded and inflated to make a sort of bubble cup to hold your shells.
leinypoo13, Dec 16 2008


       Just an inner partition would be good to keep the shells separate.   

       good idea for a lot of products +
xandram, Dec 17 2008

       Why not just spit them in the pasture? That's what I do.
nomocrow, Dec 17 2008


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