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Inflatable flying Jesus Christ

To enhance religious happenings
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It's an electrical motorglider in the shape of a winged Jesus Christ, the vertical mast being the keel and the horizontal forming the cross bar. Leading edges wil be added from the top of the vertical mast to the ends of the horizontal and well beyond, creating a kinda hanglider frame. The sail goes from the leading edges to the vertical mast, same as in the hang glider. The propeller goes on top of the mast, right over the "INRI" sign. Leading edge and sail made of clear plastic. Jesus will be flying prone, suspended from hands and feet. Very good for aerodynamics and perfect visibility. Hope He has a good time, too, it's well enough time. The thingamaging, radiocontrolled, could be used on the Semana Santa Procesiones, overflying the Virgin Mary of the Perpetual Motion floats, lending an even more festive air to the proceedings. An escort of flapping wing radiocontrolled angels and cherubs could fly in close formation, while a cloud shaped blimp broadcasts thundering sounds and lightning. Perhaps I will make one...
clementedelacuadra, Jan 04 2005

(?) Inflatable Jesus on a German bank http://www.ananova....m_324298.html?menu=
[hippo, Jan 04 2005]

Why do people say JesusHChrist? http://www.straight...-say-jesus-h-christ
The Straight Dope's answer [ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 05 2005]

Jesus Balloon http://ship-of-fool...witnessing/050.html
[jurist, Jan 05 2005]

Buddha's Lunch ;) http://irrationalth...008/10/dilemna.html
Just thought this was worth sharing [quantum_flux, Oct 26 2008]


       Reminds me of the Miracle of the Floating Fibreglass Jesus - got to find a link, let's see now...
moomintroll, Jan 04 2005

       I don't think Jesus has wings, yo.
Machiavelli, Jan 04 2005

       (Mach) No, your standard Jesus hasn't got wings, that's what makes mine patentable.
clementedelacuadra, Jan 04 2005

       oh very clever! sorry -1
po, Jan 04 2005

       What's the point, exactly? What does this do?
contracts, Jan 04 2005

       (contracts) It doesn't do much, really, just flies around having a good time and scaring the sparrows.
clementedelacuadra, Jan 04 2005

       Awww, what happened to that Bible verse "His eye is on the sparrow?" I don't think it meant he scares them away. Poor birdies.
Machiavelli, Jan 04 2005

       My wife still talks about the plastic glow-in-the-dark Jesus her best friend had when they were little. So maybe this would have the desired impact. If only on impressionable little children.
DrCurry, Jan 05 2005

       [Dr. Curry] wasn't that a part of a Dylan song?   

       'To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark   

       It's easy to see without looking too far   

       That not much Is really sacred.'   

       By the way, I think this is now going to be my favorite explicative. Say it in an angry way "INFLATIBLE FLYING JESUS CHRIST!" Oh I'm sure to have bad things happen to me for another few months for that, but It sure feels good to say it.
Zimmy, Jan 05 2005

       I think this is a great idea.
JesusHChrist, Jan 05 2005


Okay, what is the 'H' in Jesus H. Christ supposed to be, anyway?
ghillie, Jan 05 2005

       Nope, still like the cherry filled ones...
blissmiss, Jan 05 2005

       [hippo] that German inflatable Jesus seems to be pretty happy to be up there...   

       [ghillie] see [link]
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 05 2005

       Cherry filled Jesus bonbons?
Machiavelli, Jan 05 2005

       I don't care if it rains or freezes
s'long as I've got my plastic Jesus
sitting on the dashboard of my car
He smiles at me all calm and pleasant
He glows in the dark 'cuz he's phosphorescent
sitting on the dashboard of my car.
contracts, Jan 05 2005

       Nice link [jurist]. I notice that the balloon is in no way ironic or a joke of any form. This lot are seriously trying to spread The Word using a huge Jesus hot air balloon. Takes all sorts...
wagster, Jan 05 2005

       A giant inflatable flying buddy-Jesus (a la Dogma) would be an impressive sight over London, I can see it floating by the London Eye already.... :)
RichieRich, Jan 05 2005

       (ghillie): Don't pay any attention to misleading explanations, it stands for "Jesus Halfbaker Christ".   

clementedelacuadra, Jan 05 2005

       And I vote that we change patronship of the HB from the Perpetual Motion Virgin Mary to the Inflatable Flying Jesus H. Christ.
clementedelacuadra, Jan 05 2005

       I think Jesus would look better on a kite. It has the cross ready for him.
Worldgineer, Jan 05 2005

       (World) : But that's x-actly the idea, a kite, if you read carefully, only it was all Confucious. A Hanglider-like kite. I justa made one and it flies very badly. Too heavy and the Jesus cracked on landing (ceramic). But the cross withstood the flight charges well. (Wasted) : Perhaps I shoulda kinda draw it.
clementedelacuadra, Jan 05 2005

       About the Jesus H Christ... See "Bypassing Blasphemy"
ignorantimmigrant, Mar 11 2005

mailtosalonga, Mar 11 2005

       Can there be an inflatable flying buddha eating an inflatable flying spaghetti monster too?
quantum_flux, Oct 25 2008

       Three cases of apparent link-rot above.
normzone, Oct 25 2008

       An Inflatable Jesus and a Buddha balloon that would be great in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. Between the two you put the "Religions of all the people of the world" float with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing on it.
theGem, Oct 25 2008

       [UB] Good point. To do it right maybe we need a few more floats and a few more balloons, a few tambourines and multiple collection baskets.
theGem, Oct 26 2008

       ....more cowbell too!
quantum_flux, Oct 26 2008


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