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Informative Advertising
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The capacity of children to memorize televised advertisement slogans, jingles and brand names is astounding.

I propose that some philanthropist extend his hand out and produce advertisements, written for the television, which will inform the nation's youth of important scientific, mathematical or philosophical truths, in a format which will be retained in their minds and not be too taxing upon them.

Examples of information which could be transmitted in this manner include:

1. Newton's Laws of Motion.
2. The Laws of Thermodynamics.
3. The Square Root of -1.
4. Common Arguments for God's Existance (and Their Related Counter-arguments).
5. Einstein's Equation Linking Matter and Energy.
6. The Speed of Light in a Vacuum.
7. Phi, and Various Means of Obtaining its Value.

Thus the nation's youth shall be enriched with information, which will save the time their teachers would otherwise spend giving the information to their pupils when the time comes for explaining what they actually mean.

dbmag9, Jul 27 2006

Schoolhouse Rock! http://en.wikipedia...ki/Schoolhouse_Rock
[jurist, Jul 27 2006]

Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom (not Norman) http://www.systems-...g.org/dikw/dikw.htm
[calum, Jul 27 2006]

Massive Ed(ifice)ucation Method Massive_20Ed(ifice)ucation_20Method
by UnaBubba, a similar project, though delivery mechanism is more cryptophallic. [calum, Jul 27 2006]


       Call for a list?
squeak, Jul 27 2006

       Sounds exactly like the "Schoolhouse Rock!" series conceived by Thomas Yohe and produced by David McCall in the 1970's and still airing in many markets. [see link]
jurist, Jul 27 2006

       The speed of light: three hundred million, that's THREE HUNDRED MILLION metres, EVERY SECOND! That's faster than ANY OTHER SORT OF SPEED! Just remember kids, if you want to go the fastest speed there is, just go... THE SPEED OF LIGHT!   

       <happy jingle> - That's three double zero triple zero triple zero, give or take two oh seven five four two.
wagster, Jul 27 2006

       The rub here is the disjunct between information and knowledge, though I do like the idea of billboard ads with big bold black text on white reading 6 x 8 = 48 or "Battle of Naseby 1645" etc, just littered about the nation. If nothing else, pub quizzes would be easier.
calum, Jul 27 2006

       This seems baked by the Ad Council
theircompetitor, Jul 27 2006

       Not quite getting the invention here. Advertisement of facts? Or is this just WIBNI?
hidden truths, Jul 27 2006

       The former, [hidden].
wagster, Jul 27 2006

       /7. Phi, and Various Means of Obtaining its Value./   

       <eyes darting, sweat beginning to bead on brow> Ahh...yes...Phi...gotta know about that...
Texticle, Jul 27 2006

       The WIBNI that I was seeing was mostly from this sentence: //I propose that some philanthropist extend his hand out and produce advertisements//   

       I'm not sure why, but I'd probably have liked the idea better if it had been a government funded project, even though that would imply that people would have to pay taxes for it. That some random rich person is just going to give away money for something like this seems a bit hand wavey to me.
hidden truths, Jul 28 2006

       "This is your brain. This is your brain on custard. Any questions?"
RayfordSteele, Jul 28 2006

       What [jurist] linked. Baked.
Zuzu, Jul 28 2006

       Not quite, Zuzu. jurist's link was about rock songs, my idea is about advertisements. hidden truths, consider it your appointed task to go and convince the government to fund it.
dbmag9, Jul 28 2006


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