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Injector Cooling version 2

Use Steam Injector and Ejectors to move heat
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This is a slightly modified version of my Injector Ejector Cooling idea. I originally posted it in an anno, but I think it deserves it's own page.

The components: A boiler, a condenser, an evaporator, a steam injector, and two ejector pumps, and a gas/liquid separator.

The steam injector, powered by steam from the boiler, moves water from the condenser into the boiler.

The first ejector pump, powered by overflow water from the injector, moves steam out of the evaporator into the gas/liquid separator.

The second ejector pump, powered by steam from the boiler, moves steam from the separator into the condenser.

The water in the separator flows directly into the evaporator; no expansion valve should be needed.

goldbb, Mar 30 2010




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