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prints documents and images using liquid chocolate
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Instead of ink-jet cartridges, Inkjet-Nutella uses a form of liquid chocolate (a bit like Nutella), only much finer in consistency, which has been engineered to perform in a similar way to that of conventional ink.

Messages or images get printed unto edible carrier paper. Light and dark chocolate cartridges enable duo-tones to be reproduced, so that scanned photographs can also be printed out as a tasty snack.

xenzag, Oct 06 2009


       Why not modify a printer to allow it to print onto a (previously formed) sheet of chocolate? Then just use ordinary edible inks. If the ink layer is thin enough, it won't alter the taste of the chocolate.   

       If you want the chocolate sheet's composition to depend on the message, it could be seperately constructed by a 3D printer, loaded with dark and light chocolates.
goldbb, Oct 06 2009

       Start with food died edible paper (pick a color), and then add white chocolate for a tri-tone result.
MechE, Oct 07 2009

       What about the drying time. Would the print be thin enough to dry quickly, so as not to smear?   

       [+] for (deliciously) edible printables. :)
XSarenkaX, Oct 11 2009

       ... for dark and bitter words, which you might later have to eat, [UB]?
pertinax, Oct 11 2009

       (In the Homer Simpson Voice) Mmmmmm...chocolate text.. [+]
Jscotty, Oct 11 2009

       My brother's ex-girlfriend's art show featured a diverse range of items that were made from chocolate, or used chocolate in unusual ways - this included chocolate as an ink, applied using various printing techniques, as well as aerosol-and-stencil methods (a sort of Chocolate Banksy if you will) - but I like the extension into duo-tone printer cartridges.
zen_tom, Oct 12 2009

       Tell your friend to look at the work of Helen Chadwick. (Sadly she died a few years ago.)
xenzag, Oct 12 2009


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