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Insane HR Department Website/Checklist

What kind of people are doing the hiring here anyway?
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A review site (for Americans, think of the consumer rating service Angie's List) for potential employees to find out how crazy a company's hiring department is. The website would allow interviewees to review the hiring process and note things like:

[ ] Had to wait two hours past appointment time to be interviewed

[ ] Spent 1 hour in interview, after which was told "job has already be filled, but we will keep your application on file..."

[ ] Interviewer had crazy "cut up the pie" method of screening programmers

cindik, Mar 31 2009

Angie's List http://www.angieslist.com/Angieslist/
Consumer reviews site. [phoenix, Mar 31 2009]

Glassdoor http://www.glassdoor.com
Some of what you're looking for [lepton, Sep 02 2016]


       I'd lend you my exploding resumes but they blew up a while back. (About the same time I did). Anyway they would make a great soundtrack for your website. KABOOM...CRASH...POWWIE.
blissmiss, Mar 31 2009

       [Ian], Angie's List is a rating website that allows people to tell about their experiences with various service people - plumbers, gardeners, cleaners, electricians, and suchlike. The point is to help other potential customers avoid a bad experience.   

       [+] ... I have a company in mind. "Made me drive two hours for a fifteen-minute interview, do it again for a half-hour interview, and then never called back, even when I called them three times".
gisho, Mar 31 2009

       What's the "cut up the pie" method of screening programmers?
jutta, Mar 31 2009

       //"cut up the pie"//
Sequester the candidates in a room with a pie, and issue them a knife each. Sorta like "Hungry Hungry Hippo" but with pie... and knives.
FlyingToaster, Mar 31 2009

       Whichever one emerges alive and not knifed in the back gets the job?
RayfordSteele, Sep 02 2016

       Baked some time ago in Japan, for buying a full-sized car.   

       1 Go to the inkan shop, where they will make you an official signature stamp, in kanji, about 50 USD. Maybe it will be ready the day after tomorrow.   

       2 Go to city hall and register your inkan stamp, at least 45 minutes of hanging around.   

       3) Contact your landlord.   

       4) Your landlord contacts the architect who designed the building.   

       5) The architect provides a diagram of the apartment, with your car parking space indicated. Then the architect will use his inkan stamp to show it's for real, and sends it to the landlord.   

       6) The landlord then uses his inkan stamp on the diagram, and hands it to you.   

       7) You take the diagram, and your inkan (just in case) to the Police Station. They will then double-check the diagram and use their official inkan stamp on the diagram.   

       8) You are now free to go buy a car. Obviously you have to take the diagram, and your inkan of course to the car sales place.   

       ...I decided it was just easier to walk to work.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2016

       / ...I decided it was just easier to walk to work/   

       Better take the inkan stamp, just in case.   

       This seems ridiculous until I hear my brother talk about how in his city many apartment buildings go up with no parking, because "people will ride bikes".
bungston, Sep 03 2016

       // ...I decided it was just easier to walk to work //   

       We think we see your error. As [MB] is certain to point out, your mistake is to be ordinary, i.e. poor. We assure you that to our certain knowledge, the super-rich are never subject to such trifling bureaucratic inconveniences; partly because they can afford accomodation with lavish parking, partly because their transport is by and large chauffeur-driven, but mostly because they don't go to work, because that's something only poor people do.
8th of 7, Sep 03 2016

       [8th], you are a scamp and a scurrimonger. I'll have you know that I walk to work every day. It can take up to 18 seconds (more, if the weather is against me) to get from the main house to the laboratory, yet I do this unaided and entirely of my own volition.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2016

       Your sedan chairmen are off on holiday again, aren't they ?
8th of 7, Sep 03 2016

       Tsk tsk, [8th]. You know very well that it's a palanquin, and that I only use it (a) in the tropics or (b) if I find myself suddenly taken drunk.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2016

       //palanquin// Hmm... do you keep a midget in a trunk on the back of the chair ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 04 2016


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