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Instant Hot Beverages

Simply agitate and enjoy an instantly heated beverage
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They already have chemical products that instantly generate heat when properly agitated, largely used for physical therapy -- now it's just a matter of combining that chemistry with beverages like coffee, hot chocolate or whatever. I suppose the key is in the packaging -- making sure the product is easy to agitate and that the chemicals are always kept separate from the beverage. Assuming you could get over that, it sure would be nice to have on hand in case you get caught outside somewhere cold -- don't have to make a fire, just agitate and enjoy a nice cup of cocoa...
JT, Feb 19 2001

Baked, except for the method of instigating the heating. http://www.prologue...k/angel/coffee.html
[angel, Feb 19 2001]

Baked, except for the method of instigating the heating. http://www.angel.no...y.co.uk/coffee.html
[angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Caldo Caldo http://www.caldocaldo.it/
Italian coffee / hot chocolate that does exactly what you are talking about. Demo requires flash (click on "come" or "cos'e : il secreto" [monkeywidget, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       erm...aren't they toxic? I know, it's a minor detail...but if you were putting them in/near foodstuffs (potentially drinking, in the end), you might want to work on that...
Urania, Apr 24 2001

       You could easily create a drink with a small compartment inside the can, with the two chemicals in it. Problem is, if someone knocked into it during shipping. Also, it would cost a lot.
evanescent, Apr 24 2001

       Well, dropping iron filings in salt water generates a fair bit of heat (indeed, that's one of the more popular ways of doing a heat pack). Non-toxic, at least in reasonable quantities, though I'm sure it'd probably taste pretty awful.
supercat, Apr 24 2001

       Bartitalia S.P.A is a coffee company that manufactures and sells espresso and various instant products over in Italy. The company has been trying to import their product to US but haven't because of litigation cost that it is going to take to have it done here. The company is already experiencing problems with the product over in Italy. such as defects with agitating the chemicals to heat the beverage in the container and regulatory issues.
mikecoffee, Jul 06 2001

       [mikecoffee] appears to be saying that Bartitalia have baked this but their product doesn't work. Huh?
angel, Jul 06 2001

       The idea is intriguing to have aggitation. Why does it have to be chemicals? Couldn't we have a kind of microwave oven but disposable? Kind of like - a ziplock bag meets microwave oven. That way the core idea would still be feasible (I.E. instant hot drinks; on the run.) ~ i add On the run simply because instant hot drinks can easily obtained by hanging around an office coffee machine or microwave oven.
jaeson, Jul 06 2001

       A lunchbox- size microwave oven is doable. Or maybe a foldup toaster-oven?   

       There is a little electric cooler/heater on the market (marketed under the "Coolatron" brand, and some others). It cools things like beer 6-packs and heats lunches (not at the same time.) It works on 12 volts so you need to take along a converter, or use the cigarette lighter socket in your car.   

       I saw some meal packets marketed with a little heater that is activated by water. They smoke and stink, but they do heat food (it takes 20 minutes.)   

       A fellow I knew in high school invented a self-cooling beer can back in the late 1960s. It used freon to do the cooling. It worked, and would have cost 5 cents extra a can to make, and the beer executives loved it, but they didn't think it would sell more beer.   

       Talking frogs, that's what they decided to go with.
whlanteigne, Oct 20 2002


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