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Saucer With a Small Square Recess

melts café butter pack and allows easy spreading
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Instructions for use:
1 Lift coffee cup clear of saucer.
2 Drop frozen, wrapped, mini butter pack into exposed square recess.
3 Replace cup on saucer until butter melts enough to spread easily on scone.
xenzag, Mar 13 2009


       or until you forget the butter and leave it a little oozing foil-wrapped mess under your cup. can we get some kind of indicator to remind us when it's done?
k_sra, Mar 13 2009

       You will know when its done when you hear the clink of the glass touching down on the edge of the saucer.   

       If one dips scones into coffee, one could drop the butter into the coffee and then dip through the floating melted butter. The coffee would taste deliciously buttery as well.
bungston, Mar 13 2009

       Most cups also have a small base rim, ensuring that there is a reasonable gap between the bottom of the cup and the new recessed space provided by the saucer. As the transmission of heat from hot cup to saucer is low to begin with, the melting process is easy to control.
xenzag, Mar 13 2009

       Going for my morning scone and cappuccino... the café is great, but the butter is always rock hard!
xenzag, Mar 13 2009

       Sit on it. Really.
wagster, Mar 13 2009

       Brilliant - previously, I've resorted to resting my butter pat on spoon or stirrer beams suspended across the top of my cup and allowing steam to gently enmushify it - but this is fantastic - may also be used to turn those after-dinner chocolates you get with coffee into an impromptu fondue.
zen_tom, Mar 13 2009

       It's the simplest ideas which are the best sometimes. To make it a little more complicated, there could be a sliding hatch protecting a series of blades for cutting the butter out of the pat in the first place. Press the saucer upside down onto the butter, slide the hatch across and you have a small cuboid of butter which you can then melt.
nineteenthly, Mar 13 2009

       ( [+] ) I used to love recess.   

       Used to? What happened?
theleopard, Mar 13 2009

       + yes butter recess!
xandram, Mar 13 2009

       Simple, fills a need, and creates its own market by its very existance.   

       All we need now is a good education campaign.
shapu, Mar 13 2009

       This is a great idea.   

       Are you going to prototype this? I want one now. I'll even wrap my own butter.   

       Julia Child's Buttermilk Scones from Baking with Julia are fantastic. If anyone has a scone recipe, I would love to try it.
nomocrow, Mar 13 2009

       No it isn't. it's horrible! Then again, i can't stand chocolate so i'm probably not the person to judge.
All you need to bake this is a kiln and some clay. In fact, you could probably even get away without biscuit firing, so you could just make a saucer and stick it in a bonfire, or even make it from polymer clay.
nineteenthly, Mar 13 2009

       Yeah, this would be super easy to bake. Especially if you know someone who is good with pottery.
nomocrow, Mar 13 2009

       recess butter yes +!
blissmiss, Mar 13 2009

       Buttered coffee? Where's the limit, guys.   

       Can a standard saucer already do this to a limited extent? I like to put my butter dish on top of the toaster while I'm making toast. Hello, easiest butter ever to spread on toast, nice to meet you.
daseva, Mar 13 2009

       I take it you don't go to the same café as me then [daseva]... oh that's right, you don't, because I've never seen anyone bringing in their own toaster, to set fire to the place by filling it up with butter.... dohhhhh quaaaa qauaaa quaaaa.... (cartoon sound effects)
xenzag, Mar 13 2009

       I DID miss something, there. Carry on... +
daseva, Mar 13 2009

       //Used to? What happened?//   

       Junior high.   


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