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Instant messaging autocomplete

This is obvious.
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We type the same things over and over. The computer should type half of the words for us.

Maybe this is baked, but I can't find it.

"Maybe you should stop spending so much time online."


omegatron, Jun 08 2005

co:writer 4000 http://www.donjohns.../wordprediction.htm
Since Miami Vice the man has come up with a few accessibility programs [neilp, Jun 09 2005]


       why just IM ?
neilp, Jun 08 2005

       The thought of someone using voice recognition keys to enter text abbreviations is .....
reensure, Jun 08 2005

       WIBNI. Baked. [makred-for-deletion]. Damn! Turn it off!
hippo, Jun 08 2005

       I was going to hand you a stinky fishbone because I hate autocomplete, but I just thought that windows already has the option to autocomplete forms, so why not just expand that function to all forms of text input. I wouldn't use it but I bet a lot of people would.
wagster, Jun 08 2005

       hippo - makred?
po, Jun 08 2005

       yup, I think I'd find it very annoying too, but I'm sure someone would find it useful.
neilp, Jun 08 2005

       You must have some dull IM sessions, [omegatron].   

       Autocomplete's not all bad. I adore e-mail and alias autocomplete. I can also think of another interaction method that is based on autocomplete-like behavior that is remarkably useful and much-heralded.
bristolz, Jun 08 2005

       I guess that depends on how you use it.
bristolz, Jun 08 2005

       // why just IM ?   

       Good point. Everything should do this. I was just using IM when I thought of it.   

       // windows already has the option to autocomplete forms   

       No no no. Not that kind. I'm thinking that it suggests the rest of a word for you, like cell phones use for name entry and text messaging and whatever. The more letters you type of the word, the more closely you narrow down its search until it guesses the most common word for the letters you've already typed: "it" --> "in" --> "internet" --> "international" --> "internationalization" and you just push enter when you've narrowed it down to the right word instead of typing out the whole damn thing.   

       It's meant to make typing more efficient, and yes, should be used for everything, not just IM.
omegatron, Jun 09 2005

       Windows mobile does this for text entry, but I guess it's just a question of how the UI works.. clearly you don't want mouse clicking in order to 'choose' between the various options it provides. I imagine there are already accessibility products out there that already do the same thing (typing long words isn't fun if you're using a head brace). I think this is at least pre-baked.
neilp, Jun 09 2005

       [omegatron] - that sounds more like predictive text to me, which I happen to like a lot. I wouldn't use it on a proper keyboard as my touch-typing is fairly good, but if it wasn't I might.   

       [bris] - //I can also think of another interaction method that is based on autocomplete-like behavior// I've been mulling this over for a while and I can't figure it out...
wagster, Jun 09 2005

       // predictive text   

       Yes, that sounds much more like what I mean. I should rename and move the idea to "Universal predictive text" or some such.
omegatron, Jun 10 2005


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