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Instant shopping

Instant text or email shopping list to stores to save time
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I hate grocery shopping. I hate remembering to grab my grocery list, I seldom remember too. But, if I could text message my list to my favorite store and they could have it ready for me, I would not only save time but be a happier person. I also get buggy rage when standing in line. If only my goods were ready for me when I got there…..

The grocery stores could advertise this to all the busy people. They could have a store online and a pick up time (for the cold foods). Curb side service would be a plus!

I could even set up a weekly pick up of items that I always need. So every Monday at 6 o’clock I would pull up to a “Piggly Wiggly’s” curb and a smiling person would run out to my car proceed to hand me my bag of cookies, milk and shampoo, etc. I would then just pay with my card or cash then leave with a smile.

This could even trigger cheaper products by stores in hopes of getting customers (at least lazy ones like me).

revised: what if (may exist in UK ???) you plug in your zip code. You plug in at a site that will advertize the lowest price of that item in your area. For example, I want to buy gas for my car. I put in my zip code and it tells me that joe bloe at 1010 dawson street has it the cheepest in a 30 mile area. Same for bread, milk, etc.? From this info, I then make my grocery list, email-text-call it in. Now I don't have the buggy rage to deal with but I save money. Am I a bun yet?

smarable, Jun 22 2006

Online shops http://www.ciao.co....s_Groceries_11546_3
[skinflaps, Jun 22 2006]

Argos Check and Reserve http://www.argos.co...e/Reserving.jsp.htm
Another UK shop - sms to reserve items for collection [prufrax, Jun 22 2006]


       Very baked within the UK.   

       Online shopping and delivery, Ocado.com, Tesco etc..   

       That is, if you want it delivered.Or you could ask Ike Godsey to bag your goods and wait for you by the horse trough.
skinflaps, Jun 22 2006

       I see that you can do the online ordering in the UK... Did I miss any part about "text messageing" an order from my phone? Maybe that it would be the same if my phone had internet (just less steps), but if I could just text an order would save $ and a person on their end to check email. The text could arrive on their end somewhat like a fax.
smarable, Jun 22 2006

       1xwhtgm brd
1pt s/sk mlk
1xpk chp
1xfrzn ovn bkd chps
1xtn gdn peas
6 pk gnness
2xlcky dps t'nite's lttry rllovr
po, Jun 22 2006

       bun for [po]'s anno!   

       //Seems UK is more up on this than USA// Really? Golly. Well, since we're talking about it, I'd like to introduce you to another wonderful invention we have over here - we call it 'tea'...
moomintroll, Jun 22 2006

       ah, I forgot   

       1x100pk ttley tbags.   

       thanx, moom
po, Jun 22 2006

       Argos have a service whereby you can text the stock control system of their stores to reserve items.
prufrax, Jun 22 2006

       UR SO KEWL [po].
methinksnot, Jun 22 2006

       I feel the need to get Georgia up to speed!! Thanks for all the insight. I do love 'tea'. Went on a Holland America cruise to Alaska for my/our honeymoon and had "high tea". I didn't know what a treat it was. And just for the laugh, I was born in Alaska.
smarable, Jun 22 2006

       lv U 2 bits snotty.
po, Jun 22 2006

       i am sorry if i offended, i am not snotty?
smarable, Jun 22 2006

       lets just forget this idea, maybe i will do better next time?
smarable, Jun 22 2006

       no, you are not snotty - keep up!   

       hey, not a bad 1st idea - welcome to hb.   

       my first ideas were <blush> awfuk! see, I still cannot spell...   

       actually this is not a bad idea at all! +1
po, Jun 22 2006

       thank you, po
smarable, Jun 22 2006

       Georgia the country? Or Georgia the State? Because in Georgia, USA, we have ZIFTY.com
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 23 2006

       It is Albany, Georgia. I checked out the site, they do not have service in my area. (USA that is ;)
smarable, Jun 23 2006

       Oh, the other Georgia. OTP.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 23 2006


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