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Integral solar battery extender for PDAs

Built in solar battery extender.
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Is this baked?? Searched for a while and could only find ‘outboard’ solar chargers.


Use the flip cover on your palm pilot as a solar panel when closed. It offers quite a large surface area, and although could probably not charge the batteries to full, could extend the time between charges.

At the very least it’d maintain the batteries from completely discharging and possible damage.

TIB, Sep 13 2003


       I wired my TI-83 Plus with recargable batteries and put a small solar cell above the screen. I just set it out in the sun when I'm not using it and never have to buy batteries untill my rechargables wear out. But that takes about 3 years of moderate useage
dickity, Sep 15 2003

       [dickity] have you ever been labeled a geek? Not that it's a bad thing, I have aspirations too...
silverstormer, Sep 15 2003

       [dickity] where did you get the solar cell? I'd love to try that on a few of my toys!
MikeHolio, Sep 15 2003

       //:have you ever been labeled a geek?:// ya, I get made fun of sometimes, but after they relize I don't have to buy batteries every 6 months because they play games all the time, they usally want what I got.   

       //:where did you get the solar cell?:// I got if off a old calc that my dad got from the bamk as a gift. It didn't work anymore anyways.
dickity, Sep 15 2003


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