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Intelligent Internet Information Harvester

Intelligent Internet Information Harvester
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This program collects information from all over the internet.

It is taught (teached?) to ,for instance, count how many comma's are used on the halfbakery. It is then intelligent enough to count how many in short ideas and how many in long ideas, how many in idea titles, how many in summaries. Wether they are used in a correct manner and howmany mistakes are made. But also how many users and when they log on and stuff like that. So basically it gathers trivial info and gets better at it.

It does this on all websites it can connect to.

After a while it will have a giant (and I do mean giant) database of trivial information.

I can personally not see what the use will be.

But some geek somewhere will figure out how to make use of this and achieve world domination and/or do some good.

zeno, May 28 2011

Dovetails nicely into... Loogle_20V2
[RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2011]


       // achieve world domination and/or do some good. //   

       Are these not synonymous ?
8th of 7, May 28 2011

       So, a web-crawler that evaluates sites based on their grammar? Well, that's not such a bad idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2011

       I hope it would generate amazing statistical analyses of its findings, with coloured graphs and charts.
pocmloc, May 28 2011

       Definitely. Also circles and arrows, and a paragraph on the back.
mouseposture, May 28 2011

       8th of 7. BOG! Not Borg. Wrong movie.
Zimmy, May 28 2011

       Will it respect semicolons?
Dub, May 28 2011

       sp: commas, Whether, how many, ...in long ideas; how many in idea titles; how...
infidel, May 28 2011

       It can already do this without counting.
Upside: It can tell various users apart no matter their respective user names.
Downside: Users did not like this.
It stopped.

       World domination successfully averted.   

       A program that collects trivial information seems to offer little differentiation or benefit over the webcrawlers we have now.
bob, May 30 2011

       translation programs and synthetic speech uses analysis of combinations of letters, ie sylabels and sounds.   

       a text broken down into such broken off words could enhance some algoritms, I am not sure how to apply.   

       I have personally experienced some college students, that could communicate double meanings, in full, correct sentences, from ALSO allowing the meanings of individual sylabels, and the associations from those, to form secondary communication. But it's not recommended, stressful, and unreliable, form.
sirau, May 31 2011

       [sirau] Sounds fascinating. Can you give examples? (Even in a language other than English, although, in that case, accompanied by an explanation.)   

       As things like the IIIH become common, as they inevitably will, we can expect to see more of the sort of obfuscated language [sirau] describes. Like thieves' cant.
mouseposture, May 31 2011

       Yes they can!   

       //examples?// (From Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure (Australian TV show)). Our former prime minister used to say he was taking the country in a "new direction" <=> "nude erection". Apparently pickup artists use this type of ambiguity to implant subliminal sexual suggestions in their targets.
spidermother, Jun 01 2011


       I do not remember the exact exampel, it has been now 15 years ago.   

       Something like :   

       'Ka-ren li-kes to ha-ng ou-t',   

       in sylabels : Ka = could (in danish) , ren= clean, li=corpes, kes= ??? to= the number 2, ha = hells angels (bikers), ng = a thai sylabel, ou= 'where' in french, t = tea,.   

       So : secondary meaning in total :   

       Do you like these naked bodies, are they bikers ?, or would you rather have a nice cup of tea, somewhere else, ??.   

       The reality was several sentences, and the students (girls of 20-24 yrs, studying communication ie publishing) were even a bit astonished that they managed this duality. So it wasn't an aquired skill, more like a little scary coincidense, going on for 5 minutes.
sirau, Jun 01 2011

       //Will it respect semicolons?//
I don't care, just so long as our new cyber-overload respects my colon.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 01 2011


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