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InTheDetails App

Gets phone number opening hours and location from the web
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Deeper than a simple search, this app gets your assistance by asking you relevant questions about the place and person, taking into account your contacts, your calendar, your correspondence, and your former answers in the app.

So when you have an appointment next Monday for the dentist, it can fill in all the details, including her name, the date, and check if its a Jewish holiday.

If you check the "HARD TO FIND", it will also look up through family and friends, and even search through images.

pashute, Sep 07 2022


       I'm not really understanding this. It seems to be an auto-form-filler for useless information. Did I get that right? Or is it an auto-stalker to fill in the details of my contact list?
Voice, Sep 07 2022

       Your hacker will be Waiting to meet you.
xandram, Sep 07 2022

       Every week I have at least two new numbers or emails where I know the person but not the details and cant find them with a simple google search. After 20 minutes on the web, sometimes an hour, I finally am able to find the details I need.   

       Or I know some details but cant remember the person.   

       Or its somewhere in my search history or an old email. So in advance without having to do all the searches, if the number isn't in my contacts give me the relevant info that Do have or relevant info from the web.   

       I'm asking this app to do that for me.
pashute, Sep 09 2022

       Yea, okay. Seems like there would already be something like this but sure.
doctorremulac3, Sep 11 2022


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