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Internal combustion elevator

Shaft is the cylinder, Elevator is the piston
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compress air at the bottom and inject gasoline and ignite. to get to the top quicker.
davidcreede, Aug 09 2003

Burnt Latke http://burntlatke.q...m/15cb-testday.html
What happens when combustion products cool down. [Freefall, Oct 04 2004]


       Skys the limit.   

       Finger on "go" button, check around to see if there are any pregnant passengers, initiate countdown...
lurch, Aug 09 2003

       Something for the evil bond-villain in all of us.
chud, Aug 09 2003

       I quite like this - I feel there is a use for second-hand mattresses here. its always been a worry for me that old mattresses are good for nothing.   

       1st person to say mistresses gets a slap.   

       do hope my plurals are correct - my dictionary gives me no plurals for either   

       second thoughts, quite is inadequate - this is fun.
po, Aug 09 2003

       except with phoenix, what goes down must go up <g>
po, Aug 09 2003

       //second law of thermodynamics//   

       Don't all elevators go both up and down?
suctionpad, Aug 11 2003

       Not if it's a one-way elevator.
snarfyguy, Aug 11 2003

       [gnome] - are you absolutely sure about that? If so, good grief, Pioneer spacecraft are breaking the second law of thermodynamics.   

       I always thought they were "heat is work and work is heat" and "heat cannot of itself transfer from a cooler body to a hotter body".
PeterSilly, Aug 11 2003

       Weeeeeeell, that is sort of like it but I cant help thinking that that is a bit 'old school thinking' [PeterSilly]
If you ask a friend if mine (who *is* an electrician) about any rule or principle, he generally says "What goes up must come down"
The point that I was trying to make was that there was no description of the 'coming down' bit
gnomethang, Aug 11 2003

       Surely the downstroke could be controlled by restricting the outflow of the combustion products.   

       -->Bang! Elevator goes up   

       -->Hisssssss... Elevator goes down
suctionpad, Aug 11 2003

       Actually, [gnome] it's Flanders and Swann thinking - that's entropy, man.
PeterSilly, Aug 11 2003

       Go down via ratchet & brake.
BANG! top floor.
Kachunk kachunk kachunk kachunk next floor down.
Repeat until at bottom.
I think you could even make it work in a power outage.
lurch, Aug 11 2003

       I won't tell you again.   

       nice one lurch.
po, Aug 11 2003

       Funny thing about combusting gases: once they cool, they typically take up less volume than their initial components. It's the heat produced during combustion that causes the expansion. (link to come)
Freefall, Aug 11 2003

       i had to delete the post with the enitrely false definition of the second law of thermodynamics. sorry but i can't stand misinformation
davidcreede, Aug 11 2003

       buddha, <SLAP> that hurt me more than you sweetie.
po, Aug 11 2003

       my pleasure <g>   


       //i had to delete the post with the enitrely false definition of the second law of thermodynamics. sorry but i can't stand misinformation// whats that all about?
po, Aug 11 2003

       Someone tried to say that the second law of thermodynamics was "what goes up must come down" - sheesh!
PeterSilly, Aug 12 2003

       Come on, everyone knows that the three laws of thermodynamics are:
1 - You can't win.
2 - You can't break even.
3 - You can't leave the game.
BigBrother, Aug 12 2003

       That was me [Peter] and [davidcreede] - not entirely seriously I might add
gnomethang, Aug 12 2003

       noted, and i appy polly loggy, but i can't stand running into other people who think that "what goes up must come down" is a "scientific thing". And ridding the world of that mental item is one of my personal crusades.
davidcreede, Aug 12 2003

       ..which, of course, is to be lauded. No Worries.
gnomethang, Aug 12 2003

       Might be good to send things into space... or shoot aliens?
BennyS, Nov 16 2003


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