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Internal turbo

Internal Turbocharger
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Maybe this sounds crazy -- but as any engine runs theres exhaust. And that flow of spent gasses already moves pretty quick. So in elimination of a need of a complex turbo, why cant we run the gas flow from the exhaust valves directly to the intake runners? This would improve efficiency of the engine while only adding minimal cost. Let me know if I am crazy but I think this would work as long as we could somehow add a Mass Air flow sensor so that the ecu knows how much fuel to dump in.
Cardude, Jun 04 2008

pressure wave supercharger http://en.wikipedia...e_wave_supercharger
Yes, they do exist. [8th of 7, Jun 05 2008]


       There is very little oxygen in exhaust gases, so it is unsuitable for use as intake charge.
Texticle, Jun 04 2008

       Then how does a turbo provide a fresh charge of air
Cardude, Jun 05 2008

       It uses a turbine in the exhaust stream to turn a compressor that pumps fresh air into the intake. The turbine and the compressor are on the same shaft.
Texticle, Jun 05 2008

       I think what you are talking about is baked. I can't seem to find or remember it's name, but it is created by taking a cylindrical member created out of linear passages. The cylinder rotates so that passages are first filled with exhaust gasses, then the gasses are vented to draw in intake air, then filled with exhaust gasses to push the intake air into the chamber.
MisterQED, Jun 05 2008

       [MisterQED] Yes, I remember that one too (I think) - did it look a bit like a Gatling gun?
For some reason I think it was going to only ever be of use for diesels.
Tomorrow's World, mid-1980s? They had a perspex model with a smoke machine to demostrate the principle.
coprocephalous, Jun 05 2008

       Designed by ABB; the "Comprex" pressure-wave supercharger. The design works but it is a little bukly and requires high precision and frequent servicing.
8th of 7, Jun 05 2008

       Wow! Thanks [8th of 7] - I thought I'd gone bonkers and imagined it - the illustration is pretty much as I remembered it.
Presumably called "Comprex" because the marketing department thought it was intricate, and they were all Japanese.
coprocephalous, Jun 05 2008

       Thanks [8th], that's it. Now is that this idea?
MisterQED, Jun 05 2008

       I think he means something like EGR, but using it to ram more exhaust in after the intake charge. Rasing combustion pressure (and so flame speed and efficiency) without actually changing the compression ratio or mass the engine breathes.   

       Might be possible, but it would require a setup far more comlicated than two wheels attached to a common shaft (look into it all you like, but there is only one moving part in a sleeve bearing turbo, if you ignore the wastegate, which isn't always present).
BLSTIC, Jun 05 2008

       Next thing I'm going to get a big fan to put on my sailboat and make it go faster.
partdavid, Jun 05 2008

       // Wow! Thanks [8th of 7] - I thought I'd gone bonkers and imagined it - //   

       Yes, you have gone bonkers. No, you didn't imagine it.   

       // Thanks [8th], that's it. //   

       You're welcome. We just reached down into your memory and pulled out the information. By the way, you forgot to post that birthday card ....
8th of 7, Jun 05 2008


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