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Internation standard "-NOSPAM" header

It could work...
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How about someone goes on the TV, Internet, every media avaliable to the public sand tells them to install install a filter that only allows items with - THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT in the subject line, to go through... and to include this with all their e-mails form then on...

The idea is that any spam is advertising, and as such, the producer can be charged (I think) if they provide infomation that is completely false...

So any spammers who get through the filter must have put this on the subject line - and have lied... so we can just charge them...

The idea is to cut the cheese with all the buracracy and badly written legistation that's meant to stop spam, and just use laws we're comfortable with?...

Ossalisc, Apr 02 2004


       I suspect that this would suffer from the same limitations as any other anti-spam legislation, namely that it relies on your being able to find the person who sent the spam.
Anyway, spammers would hardly be deterred by having to lie to get your attention.
angel, Apr 02 2004

       Looking through the subjects of my saved emails, I'll pass on this one. I like "Shade vs the world" and " RE: technically proficient cup of tea " more than "THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT".
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 02 2004

       A UK computer trade mag is currently running with some reader letters telling of the subject lines they get in spam. My favourite was 'malevolent walrus handbag', which, if nothing else, would be a great name for a band.
angel, Apr 02 2004

       Just start putting <marked - for - deletion> and a good reason next to it on all your reply correspondence. If you can't spam the heat ...
dpsyplc, Apr 02 2004


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