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International Jam Day

Part of Jelly Week
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It shouldn't start in April, but August. Here in the States we have no holiday that starts in August, and it's getting close to harvest time about August, so maybe that's a good time to start this.

Jam Day revels in the sweet deliciousness that is a good fruit jam. Strawberry is my favorite, but there are lots of excellent others to be had; Plum holds the #2 spot with a firm grip.

We're constantly told that sweets are bad for you. Not true! Excessive sweets are bad for you. Well, what better way to meter one's intake than by slathering it onto a big slice of toast! Before you know it, you're so stuffed with toast (and jam) that you can't have another bite. Bingo, self-regulating gluttony. Rationality takes over, world order ensues, a new golden age begins.

Once Jam Day is over, we begin the next step in the Progression of the Jars, Marmalade Day. Oh, the dancing!

elhigh, Apr 02 2008

Not to be confused with Jam Day http://www.last.fm/event/215000
[Amos Kito, Apr 02 2008]

VJ Day http://www.history.com/minisites/vjday
Nothing to do with [benfrost] [jtp, Apr 02 2008]


       //it's getting close to harvest time about August// But that would make it merely Northern Hemisphere, rather than truly International.
coprocephalous, Apr 02 2008

       Marmalade day would have to be in January, because that's the only time you can buy Seville Oranges. Blackberry Jam day would be in early August.
hippo, Apr 02 2008

       Hmm, yes. Perhaps it should be International Jam Year, so we don't leave anyone out. I firmly believe in the healing power of jam, the spiritual strength of jelly, and of course the universal roof-of-the-mouth scratchiness of toast.   

       Of course, a whole series of Jam Days would also be good - all the more reason for people to buy, and make a gift of to me, more jam!
elhigh, Apr 02 2008

       august is the quietest period on the roads - oh, wait.
po, Apr 02 2008

       Where ever will we find sufficient bees and banjos?
Canuck, Apr 03 2008


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