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International Vanity Month
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Nowadays, attention to personal appearance is on the increase. Metrosexuality os no longer taboo, and female competativeness is sky.

I Propose declaring April as the International Vanity Month (as it's the Month of Aphrodite - Greek Godess of Love and Beauty). Everyone would focus solely on their physical appearance in a personal bid to better represent themselves visually, and thus inspiring self-confidence.

On this month, everyone interested in taking part in this festivity would expoit the gyms, beauty salons, spas, fashion, social scenes, and generally try to be the alpha-male or female in their immediate surroundings.

Local bi-monthly tabloids could be put together, charities, events, ect. could all stem from this month of self-love and complete act of vanity

NB: This is by no means some sort of pretentious atrificial celebration, but rather paying homage to the lovely mythical goddess, and focussing on tangible and intangible self-improvement.

shinobi, Mar 12 2006


       In what way is this not every month of the year already?
DrCurry, Mar 12 2006

shinobi, Mar 12 2006

       You go, Ian. Prudes....
normzone, Mar 13 2006

       Why do I have to be pretty to be an alpha? Come on over here, I will thrash you with a branch.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 13 2006

       // IVM //
I'm just now realizing the difficulties that must have been faced by dyslexic Roman people.
phundug, Mar 14 2006

       Obviously, you've never been to California.
whlanteigne, Mar 09 2008

       Or Italy.
marklar, Mar 09 2008


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