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International ProCelebrity Trash Can Tossing

chucking empty tin
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Line the masses of world renowned pro celebrities of sport, film, television and performing arts upon a platform and build a mountain of tin.

Pro celeb -

" C'mon Pee Wee, ricochet the trash can off that far tree to the left and then land it on top of the pile we've created so far "

skinflaps, Jul 28 2004


       Leave Homestar out of it. Just cause he's shaped like a trashcan...
k_sra, Jul 28 2004

       So, were you just dying to post something, anything, skinflaps?
bristolz, Jul 28 2004

       keg tosses would be better... especially if the contestants had to drink the keg empty first
luecke, Jul 28 2004

       bris, no, I was a tad inebriated....
skinflaps, Jul 29 2004


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