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Glitter cloud seeding

Add a special touch to your next outdoor event
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Seed clouds with (biodegradable) glitter to give them an extra special sparkle. Perfect for any outdoor event including weddings, birthdays, national holidays, etc.

Added bonus: Over time *everything* gets covered...

phoenix, Sep 04 2001

Biodegradeable Glitter, a.k.a. Magic Prosperity Dust http://www.angelicw...52bfb5!OpenDocument
"Charged with the energy of prosperity"... yea, whatever. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       How magrathean of you.
quarterbaker, Sep 04 2001

       you should adopt that word
thumbwax, Sep 05 2001

       Curse your damned pore clogging glitter!
sdm, Sep 05 2001

       Wet fireworks work fine. If they're made of Ceasium, lithium, potassium, or sodium. Tee Hee Hee.
QuadAlpha, Feb 05 2002

       Took me a second to realize what [openhead] meant. The idea is not to induce rain. The idea is to create sparkly clouds.
phoenix, Feb 05 2002

       'seed cloud' means 'make rain'. You mean suspend glitter in the clouds.
StarChaser, Feb 08 2002

       Do you know how hard it is to get glitter out of something!? My senior prom date had a glitter-shedding dress and I'm STILL getting the stuff off my black formal shoes! You can guess how many years that stuff has stuck
Dissolving, Feb 07 2003

       Would it be possible to "create" clouds in drought areas?
git, Jun 07 2003

       [Cedar Park] ... and it's sprinkled in the front of their store EVERY DAY for "beauty and prosperity". It actually would be beautiful, if they actually would do it, but as for prosperity -- wouldn't it be eating into the profits. Oh and remember!, it's BIODEGRADABLE. "Sparkling" good idea, unseeded OR seeded, phoenix.
thecat, Jun 09 2003

       This could get you into a lot of trouble with your girlfriend. Quote, "Is that glitter on your face?" Glitter - The eternal curse of the philanderer.
weedy, Aug 19 2004


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