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International Radio Station Similarity DB

If you like station X in London, you might like station Y in Budapest
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I recently tried flipping through all the radio stations in my new home. About 40 stations later I finally gave up.

For travellers and relocatees alike I propose the international radio station similarity database. The technology is already available (see link). This is an online database of radio stations that play similar content. Enter your local favourite and your destination and it will report the station(s) you will most likely enjoy at your destination.

sprogga, May 24 2008

Pandora online radio http://www.pandora.com/
Music matching database [sprogga, May 25 2008]


       You should relocate to the US, where mergers have resulted in 3 different radio stations total. Or maybe it is 2 if you don't count PBS.
bungston, May 24 2008

       Where's the promised link? Is it like the DJ service in some PC music software?   

       After a quick search for "Budapest Radio Stations", I found no Willie Nelson Channel, like the one I enjoyed so much in London.
Amos Kito, May 24 2008

       Whoops - link there now!
sprogga, May 25 2008

       It says i can't use it from here.
nineteenthly, May 25 2008

       Shame - I can't use it any longer either :( Basically it is a massive database where songs were classified by certain charateristics such as "gravelly lead female vocalist", "hamonica solo" etc. You would input a song you like, and it creates a personalised online radio with songs similar to your faves.
sprogga, May 26 2008


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