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Internet of people and goods

worldwide monorail system to bring people and goods to work
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In a few years here is how you would go to work:

1. alarmclock rings 2. smash alarmclock with sledge and get out of bed 3. go downstairs, throw you stuff in your monorail cabin 4. drag yourself in it and press 'get me to work' button 5. your monorail cabin starts moving along the monorail track that is built above roads. 6. turn on the built-in coffeemachine 7. get a shower (yes it has a shower too, or a jacuzzi if you want) 8. eat breakfast, while reading the newspaper or watching the news 9. almost there, time to get dressed 10. your monorail cabin puts you off in front of the entrance of the company 11. you go to work and your monorail cabin parks itself

advantages of the monorail system:

- electric -> clean and even cleaner if the power is green - you pay a certain fee to the monorail company of your choice for the power, the internet connection, and other services - no more car crashes - no more waiting in line - no more trying to find a parking spot - you can spend your time doing something usefull when getting from one place to another - the roads are free again for real motoring (get that old porsche out and DRIVE when you want to drive) - the system can be used to transport goods, it's a giant conveyor belt!

TODO - calculate costs of this system compared to maintenance of roads, pollution, car crashes, time wasted, ... (i think it's much cheaper)

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE (basically for all travelator ideas :) ) * how to switch (monorail) tracks? * how to board/get on the tracks

-> more halfbaked ideas coming to solve these challenges...

mikrofoon, Jul 17 2010


       First of all welcome the world of the halfbakery [mikrofoon]. The bad news is that this is hardly a new idea, and more like an "I wish there was this, but haven't a clue how it could ever work".
xenzag, Jul 17 2010


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