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Interpretative Dance Detector for Elevator Calling

Avoid false alarms created by the infrared detector idea
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--Bzzzzzzt.-- "Who is it?"
"It's your Grandma Jenkins."
<buzz... click.>"Come on in. Our new apartment is on floor 25. The elevator dance set for our floor is the chorus set from 'Stayin' Alive.'"
"What do you mean?"
"The elevator detects basic dance moves. There is no call button."
"Oh Lord, You have to be kidding me. You mean I have to try and dance in order to ride the elevator?"
"'Fraid so."
"They couldn't have picked something out of MY generation? Let me put down my gifts, purse, and cane."
"Sorry. The maintenance man is stuck in the 70's."
<whispers>"Hey kids, come over here to the lobby security camera video and watch your granny do some funky disco..."
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010

Inspired by... Infrared_20sensor_2...ing_20an_20elevator
It was too tempting to pass up. [RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010]

Detecting dance motion structure through music analysis http://ieeexplore.i.../28919/01301641.pdf
It looks like it could be possible. [Aristotle, Jan 12 2010]

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       The more exclusive floors would have the coolest or most challenging moves. [+]
Aristotle, Jan 12 2010

       Not certain what floor the pee-pee dance would end you up on. Hopefully somewhere with a loo.   

       Not exactly handicapped accessible, either.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010

       Dance Dance Elevation?
phoenix, Jan 12 2010

       (This would be better if you had to keep dancing while you rode the elevator)
phoenix, Jan 12 2010

       There would have to be dance move directions as most people don't know all those moves...what if the elevator was crowded? How could eveyone dance at once? ...sqaure dancing for 4 maybe?
xandram, Jan 12 2010

       The lift doors would be mounted with giant LCD screens showing the dance move instructions for various dances. Big loudspeakers would broadcast the music.   

       What would be a suitable dance to return to the ground floor?
pocmloc, Jan 12 2010

       I'm thinking the break-dance backspin.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010

       How about "Interpretative Dance Detector for Elevator Ceiling"? Activates a hidden camera in the elevator ceiling, whenever someone starts dancing in the elevator because no one can see (you know you've done it). Could entertain the security guards or provide fodder for some tv show or website or something.
bnip, Jan 18 2010

       somewhat along the lines that [Aristotle] proposes: dancing gets a priority bump; dancing *well* gets it bumped up further.
FlyingToaster, Jan 18 2010


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