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Lenz's Effect Mine Shaft Slow Motion Bungee Descent

wear magnets and jump down that hole
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Lenz's Effect Mine Shaft Slow Motion Bungee Descent allows a very sedate descent to be experienced, and is a variation on the standard Mine Shaft Bungee Jump.

In the Lenz's effect variation, the mine shaft has been lined with copper from top to bottom. The bungee jumper now dons a special suit completely covered with Neodymium Magnets. The subsequent descent now takes place in total slow mo as Lenz's Law effect retards the downward progress of the traveller to that of a gentle airborne stroll.

xenzag, Jul 25 2015

Lenz's effect http://video.mit.ed...-copper-pipe-10268/
Model of Mine Shaft Bungee idea being used to convince investors [xenzag, Jul 25 2015]

heart wave image in text http://www.eetimes.....asp?doc_id=1278714
no magnetic sensor [wjt, Jul 25 2015]


       Now, this is something I can vote for.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 25 2015

       Created just for you....
xenzag, Jul 25 2015

       Thanks. However, I'd sooner be the second person to try it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 25 2015

       Probably best sited in Germany, many unused mines (wikipedia) "Upper Harz...shaft depths of 1,000 metres were reached.."   

       Incorporation in that country would enable funding, possibly using the "Community Organisation" nomenclature.   

       NB Top point for .."Mining operations continued in Bad Grund, however, until 1992." Ok, it's not quite up "The Diet of Worms", but our Teutonic cousins do seem to have some sense of humour.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 25 2015

       Thank you...... small voice coming up from bottom of mine shaft as heavy copper sheeting is installed.
xenzag, Jul 25 2015

       Good grief! Congratulations!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 25 2015

       Oops, I went to edit my comment to fix a typo and accidentally deleted the whole comment.   

       The deleted comment was:   

       I just noticed you've surpassed the 1,000 idea mark (currently at 1,014 if my idea counter view is correct). Probably the first halfbaker to do so (Although UnaBubba possibly did before he nuked his account). Well done.
xaviergisz, Jul 25 2015

       I wonder if the inverse of this would work?   

       If you drop a block of copper down a tube lined with magnets, will it also fall slowly?   

       More to the point, the human body is somewhat conductive. So, is there a magnetic field strong enough to significantly slow the fall of a human? If so, I suspect that the necessary eddy currents generated in the body would be lethal; but it would be a cool way to lower someone into a grave.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 25 2015

       So the eddy currents are high enough to interfere with the heart's PQRST . Why aren't we using magnetic heart massage then?.   

       If the magnetism effects the brain, all you are going to see are white rabbits.
wjt, Jul 25 2015

       // a cool way to lower someone into a grave. //   

       Ahhh ... why not use the Meissner effect, then?
8th of 7, Jul 26 2015

       I am fairly sure that there is no temperature at which a corpse becomes superconducting. I suppose it could be done if they had some really large mercury amalgam fillings, but being lowered vertically, suspended by one's teeth, is not a dignified way to exit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 26 2015

       // If you drop a block of copper down a tube lined with magnets, will it also fall slowly? //   

       By my understanding of the effect: yes, but the block would get very hot over the sort of distances we're talking about.
TomP, Jul 27 2015


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