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Invisible Television

Displays an image of objects behind it when "off".
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I hate my ugly TV. Sure some TVs are designed to be stylish, but I don't even want to see those. I want a TV with a camera mounted in back. The camera records the image of whatever objects lie behind and displays them on the screen when the TV is switched off. If the border around the screen were as thin as possible, the TV could become almost invisible. I could then place my TV nearly anywhere: in front of a window, on a table, wherever, and it would be as inobtrusive as possible. Sure, sure, the image wouldn't be perfect from all viewing angles but it would be way better than what I've got now.
riromero, Mar 25 2005

Transparent Screens http://www.flickr.c...w00kie/sets/180637/
This, done with computer wallpaper. [waugsqueke, Mar 26 2005]


       You can get LCD tv's. LCD glass can be clear or opaque. Maybe you could combine those two technologies to make a tv that was transparent when switched off.
wagster, Mar 25 2005

       "Turn on the TV, Joe"   

       "I can't find it!"
DesertFox, Mar 25 2005

       I actually think this is a very good idea, and possible doable (though you'd need a pretty weird camera to capture the behind-image if the TV was close to a wall etc). Definite bun.
Basepair, Mar 25 2005

       Further thought - if TVs had the ability to take a memory-card from a digital camera, you'd be able to display the static picture of your choice (including a photo of whatever was behind the TV). This would be of more general use, and would obviate the need for a wide- angle camera built into the back of the TV.
Basepair, Mar 25 2005

       // if TVs had the ability to take a memory-card //
Many Sonys have this ability. Probably other brands, too.
krelnik, Mar 26 2005

       Putting a tv flush behind a one way mirror works. Saw it someones bathroom in Wired so TV can be watched while shaving.
Giblet, Mar 26 2005

       Reminds me of a story about Salvador Dali's wife, who hated a radiator in her room and asked her husband to paint a screen to put in front of it - so he made a painting of the radiator.
TolpuddleSartre, Mar 26 2005

       Heh. I wonder if that Dali tale is true but, even so, it's a good one.
bristolz, Mar 26 2005

       //In the future, it will be possible to project three dimensional objects, down to molecular functionality level.// This future's going to be cool. Thanks for letting us know, Ian.
wagster, Mar 26 2005

       As another solution to the ugly tv problem, some clever people are starting to come up with screens which, when turned off, act as mirrors. Good enough, or must it be invisible?
fridge duck, Mar 26 2005

       How about a two-piece projection unit with a motorized screen and retracting projector shelf?
supercat, Mar 26 2005

       Like supercat said, why not just hide a projector? The image might be a bit washed out during the day, but I for one watch most of my t.v. at night, and if some lazy hausfrau wants to sit on her prodigious buns munching bon- bons and watching Oprah while I'm slaving away at work then she can darned well watch the ugliest idiot box on the market, AFAIC. ;-)
justibone, Mar 27 2005


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