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Television in disguise
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DAB radio is pretty cool with such a variety of stations to listen to. From different styles of music, documentaries, plays, comedy, news and even children's programmes.

Although having a DAB radio set is ideal, I noticed whilst flicking through the channels on the television, You can also listen to these radio station broadcasts through the box.

It just didn't feel or seem right to instinctively keep glancing at the television set whilst listening and expecting a picture.Leaving the room to do a duty whilst listening to the news, only to return to expect an accompanying picture to the story.

Different sized bright coloured foam lined vinyl covers that fit like a hood over the tv. With the front displaying a printed replicated radio face complete with two meshes that fit in front of the tv speakers or slats for the side tv speakers, with a flap at the rear that lifts to stop overheating the vinyl.

A vinyl handle for the top of the cover, fake digital display and buttons printed on the front complete with a telescopic plastic radio aerial.

Your television now appears to be a very large puffed up bouncy cartoon radio set.This may well encourage children to listen to the radio more often, rather than be glued to the television screen and at the same time stop me staring at a blank screen that makes music.

skinflaps, Aug 11 2005

Sticky Lesbian TV Holograms Sticky_20Lesbian_20TV_20Holograms
by kpx. An alternative. [calum, Aug 11 2005]


       I think I'll save kpx's idea for a.. another er.. time [calum]
skinflaps, Aug 11 2005

       I love this idea, but was worried about opening it in case it involved whips. If you could add a small compressor, a solenoid valve and an audio processor you could animate the whole thing in an amusing cartoon-prop style.
coprocephalous, Aug 11 2005


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