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Iron Bin Maiden

Afghan Heavy Metal
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With the usual proliferation of shock rock bands trying their best to be offensive, I envisage the band Iron Maiden to go to Afghanistan and recruit Osama Bin Laden to sing a few growling vocals on a song or two. In a similar fashion to the use of great train robber Ronnie Biggs singing with the Sex Pistols in Brazil.
benfrost, Oct 01 2001

Belsen was a Gas http://members.aol....ljens/kickdown2.htm
[benfrost, Oct 01 2001]

Oswald & Punk Rock http://www.users.bi...tulew/hb/oswald.jpg
"The most offensive thing I have ever seen" -old lady looking at the t-shirt [sdm, Oct 01 2001]


       America's most hated man + rock'n'roll = done before [see link]
sdm, Oct 01 2001

       I thought that Biggs was back
po, Oct 01 2001


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