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Is It Me Test

A way to determine if a copy of a mind is test-indistinguishible from the actual mind copied.
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Suppose we have you and trying to copy your mind. The problem has been raised, that it's not you, because it does not share the same quantum states and identity with you.

The Is It Me Test tests whether you are not indistinguishable from your copy up to the level of natural entropy of the universe you live in.

The test:

Both you and your copy are given the identical simulated world environments to play in. If the behaviours of you and your copy do not deviate by more than the behaviour of actual you would be expected to deviate from the behaviour of identical actual you in a universe different from this one by the amount of entropy that would be needed to create the observed level of differences in behaviour over the same period of time, then we would consider your copy identical up to that level of entropy, defined by the triple (you, your copy, game).

The game would be the test-defining parameter, so we would say Is It Me Test with respect to game codename IIMT1. The scientists then could have an occupation to create games that resemble the entropy characteristics of the test games to resemble the entropy characteristics of the actual world we live in to evolve the test.

I'm using the word entropy, not yet in the precise sense, but rather, synonymously with the word "noise".

Mindey, Jul 14 2014

newscientist.com http://www.newscien...t=true#.U8TxyP7sb3w
An artificial cerebellum has restored lost brain function in rats, bringing the prospect of cyborg-style brain implants a step closer to reality [Mindey, Jul 15 2014]

slashdot.org http://slashdot.org.../18/1510232_1.shtml
On predictable evolution; shows the interesting cases of non-deviations in evolutionary paths. [Mindey, Jul 18 2014]


       Copy me with any fidelity you like, I still won't be ready to kill myself confident that I live on.
Voice, Jul 14 2014

       "You forgot to leave your fingerprints at the front desk again? This is getting a bit tiresome, but let me unlock the IIMTx playground. Again! Sigh!"
popbottle, Jul 14 2014

       This is just the "Theseus' Ship" paradox expressed in a different way, shirley ?
8th of 7, Jul 14 2014

       No it's worse than that because at least Theseus actually had a ship.
pocmloc, Jul 15 2014

       [Voice], actually, me too! I think there's a better way than copying a whole individual mind: gradual replacement of brain parts with specializations in different tasks with artificial neural nets or their equivalents.   

       There had been successful experiments with mice in reproducing the function of cerebellum. [link]   

       Still, I think this kind of test might find its uses in measuring the quality of simulated minds, -- both of humans and robots.
Mindey, Jul 15 2014

       I think that's more of a CTRL-X--P thing than a CTRL-C--P thing.   

       Given enough copies of me wandering around in nearly identical universes, would we be able to create a probability cloud of where I'll likely be at any given point? This would be helpful in case I get lost.
RayfordSteele, Jul 15 2014

       /defined by the triple (you, your copy, game)./   

       And then the fourth: the lurker program which studies your game habits on repeated play such that it is able to emulate you with great fidelity. This AI can then be used in implant form. Thus when the vat-grown Fnor8 squeezes its loathsome, rippling bulk into your shorts (your dress shorts!) and insists it is you, it will convince the IIMT1 that is true using the Fourth implant.
bungston, Jul 15 2014

       Mostly what [Voice] said. The confidence people have in destructive-transfer processes is ridiculous.   

       Anyways, the accepted method is to implant a non-sequitur false-memory into the original and each registered clone, the mem-instances differing in small details.   

       (Remember that school-trip to the Musem, when <classmate> started a food fight, and at the end they held a contest - everybody had to draw a <prehistoric critter> - and I won, and they gave me a <colour> plastic dinosaur, which is probably still in the junkbox though I haven't seen it in ages).
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2014


       "… Remember the spider that lived outside your window? Orange body green legs. Watched her build a web all summer then one day there's a big egg in it. The egg hatched … "   

8th of 7, Jul 15 2014

       8ths reference to Blade Runner made me think - this IIMT or a variant is exactly what they use in the opening of Blade Runner, when the guy is asking Leon about the turtle and the machine is gauging his pupillary response. Replicants, clones, Goa'uld, Puppeteers - they are all deviant in one way or another.   

       Those replicants were badasses. I suppose useful in some contexts. If I were going to have human copies mix with society I would make them compulsively unaggressive. Which I guess converges on Asimov's Robot Laws.
bungston, Jul 16 2014

       // asking Leon about the turtle //   

       Holden actually asks him about a tortoise, but Leon doesn't know what one is.   

       // Those replicants were badasses. I suppose useful in some contexts. //   

       Yes, if you have to deal with attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.   

       // If I were going to have human copies mix with society I would make them compulsively unaggressive //   

       Would you ? Oh. Ah. Well, you might have said something earlier ... the Nexus 9 series are probably not what you're looking for.
8th of 7, Jul 16 2014

       Is this not similar to Total Recall?
xandram, Jul 16 2014

       There is no way Pris was dealing with attack ships. Orion's shoulder and other bits, maybe. But her badass quotient was high.
bungston, Jul 16 2014

       Especially the shot where she nearly chokes Deckard with her thighs … very, erm, dramatic …
8th of 7, Jul 16 2014

       Hmm... Replicant vs. Borg. That could make an interesting mud / cage match.
RayfordSteele, Jul 17 2014

       We're up for that. But remember the First Rule Of Fight Club …
8th of 7, Jul 18 2014

       //Orion's shoulder and other bits, maybe.//   

       Orion has no shoulder. To be precise, the stars which appear from Earth to lie in a plane depicting a badly-drawn join-the-dots man with a long penis are, in reality, at wildly differing distances.   

       From a different vantage point in the galaxy, Orion's shoulder is actually the left testicle of an immense squirrel.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 19 2014

       Suspect this is the reason Buchanan never got the Orienteering badge as a scout.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 19 2014

       //Hmm... Replicant vs. Borg//   

       I presume you were thinking of matching Pris against 7 of 9?   


       <thinking about it, when another thought occurs>   

       Other than a few acceptations like the Borg queen all Borg seem to be male, a little odd that, were do all the little Borg come from? those few must be really.. um.. busy?   

       Um.. hey [8th]?
Skewed, Jul 20 2014


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