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Isoceles Car Pyramid

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At the base of the Isosceles Car Pyramid is a stretched limousine. Sitting on it's roof is a slightly shorter version, that is still quite elongated. On each subsequent level a car is carefully selected which is slightly smaller than that of the one immediately under its wheels, on whose roof it rests. The cars continue until there is an original mini, then a Fiat 500 (I think they were smaller), then a Smart Car, then an original Bubble Car, then a large child's peddle car.

The scale then continues into the model car range, finally being complete with something like a single grain of rice carved into a car replica.

Running through the entire structure is a large reinforced spike, meaning that the cars are actually skewered into place, ensuring their stability.

By carefully selecting the range, it should be possible to construct a very tall, evenly tapering, acutely angled isosceles triangle.

A nearby control panel allows an audience to turn on and off the lights of any of the cars selected.

All car windows are left slightly open to invite nesting birds, and insect invasions.

xenzag, Jul 11 2013

Maurizio Cattelan http://skullandbone...cattelan-love-lasts
same principle as Cattelan's fab piece, only much taller, and made using cars. [xenzag, Jul 11 2013]


       You will want that central spike to also have platforms attached to it, to support the weight of each car. Else the bottom-most will be crushed by all those cars above it.
Vernon, Jul 11 2013

       I think some hidden internal supports will take care of that. I'm also drawing up a version that ascends so far, then droops over like a wilting stem.
xenzag, Jul 11 2013

       If it is being supported by a spike then why not have the smallest at the bottom and the biggest at the top?
pocmloc, Jul 11 2013

       The spike would have to be too thin at the bottom..... Think about it.
xenzag, Jul 11 2013

       Only if the top is unsupported.
pocmloc, Jul 11 2013

       This would be so much better if it could really be driven around... by someone sitting in the pedal car, I think.
Ling, Jul 11 2013

       [bigsleep] You thinking it's extremely dull lets me know that it's one of my better ideas.
xenzag, Jul 11 2013

       Ha - I like that! :-) Actually made me laugh.
xenzag, Jul 11 2013

       An then a naval version starting with a supertanker and ending with one of those tiny shells that look like rowboat.
popbottle, Jul 12 2013

       Some of those cars seem pretty special to be impaled on a spike.   

       This reminds me of an idea for a children's picture book in which a man goes fishing, catches a goldfish, and then catches successively larger and larger fish, octopi, whales, giant squids and stranger things, each time throwing what he has caught back in as bait. The last and hugest thing he fights and fights all night, in the end catching the goldfish again as the sun rises - then waking up. He is not a man but a boy, in a bed with blue sheets, with his goldfish looking at him from its bowl.
bungston, Jul 13 2013

       I was thinking more on this. Is the intention desecratory, if that is a word? It reminds me of those elaborate foreign curses where they methodically curse your whole extended family. Impaling the whole family of cars and literally leaving them for birds seems draculnian, in the sense of Vlad.
bungston, Jul 13 2013


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