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It's Five-O-Clock Here

Your body is in London, your liver is in Moscow, your mind is in Margaritaville.
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For everyone who likes to get an early start on their drinking. Instead of displaying the time, this handsome desk clock uses a miniature globe, rotating on a stand, to show you where in the world it's 5 o'clock as you look at it. An LCD text display on the stand shows the names of major cities in that time-zone. Say with confidence, "I can kick off now. It's 5-o-clock in Paris."

If your kids ask, explain it's an educational tool to explain how timezones work, and prove it by setting up a desk lamp to be the sun.

gisho, Feb 22 2010

Inspiration http://en.wikipedia...e_O'Clock_Somewhere
The original classic song. [gisho, Feb 22 2010]

this clock is even better http://www.floribea...clock-Somewhere.jpg
[xandram, Feb 23 2010]

...even more better... http://www.ddimas.c...clock-somewhere.png
[xandram, Feb 23 2010]

Globe Clock http://www.1worldgl...com/globeclock.html
Sounds kind of like this globe which shows you where in the world the edge of darkness is at any given moment. [jurist, Feb 23 2010]

Globe Clock II http://www.1worldgl...Globes/gcsunlit.htm
Another version, if you prefer, with internal illumination and easier to read markings. [jurist, Feb 23 2010]

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       If the desk lamp is the son, then who's the father?
DrWorm, Feb 22 2010

       [DrWorm] . . . . aargh, this is what I get for posting too close to 5-o-clock, when my brain has already gone home for the day. Fixed, thank you.
gisho, Feb 23 2010

       Cool globe clocks very similar to this idea (although perhaps without the LCD city display) already exist for under USD$400. <links>
jurist, Feb 23 2010

       Five o'clock is brief, it only lasts one minute, and occurs about 33 times in a given 24 hour period. What would the globe display during the other 1,407 minutes?
tatterdemalion, Feb 23 2010

       Local time, [tatters]. Time zones are sooo 20th century donchano?
pocmloc, Feb 24 2010


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